9.0 : Assassin's Creed Review

Bone-idle writes "The first assassin's creed game was an impressive concept that got a little lost inside an open world and strange story line. But none of the problems that bugged the first game are in the sequel. This is a lot more fun to play. The levels vary a lot more and you don't get the same sense that once you have done the first 3 missions you have done them all that you got from the first game.

The graphics are strange they go from the brilliant to the ridiculous. After putting so much time into the city and characters it seemed strange when something happened like skin appearing blurry (yes in the bit where she takes her top off that's why I'm complaining). One second you may be thinking that's amazing the next second your thinking have I the PS3 set to 1080p or is the scart cable in. But for the vast majority of the game it looks incredible. They really have created beautiful cities but not only that, cities that feel like they are alive

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nan03251d ago

This game is amazing. Period. I love conspiracy/mysterious games. It reminds me so much of MGS, but in ancient times. One of my favorite series.

It combines all the greatness of the first with the addition of tons of things. The counters are way better, the fighting system is improved. Free Running is way more fluid. The story is just awesome.

I can't wait until I own this. I've only borrowed it for a short time. Damn all these good games coming out!