Killer Instinct 3 fights for Natal outing

Video Games Daily: "New chat with Rare chief suggests Killer Instinct could make a return – but not with a traditional controller."

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leper6413247d ago

I hope KI3 is made whether it's Natal based or otherwise

Megaton3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Gross. Seriously you guys, after all these years of wanting another KI, you're jumping for joy that it would be on Natal? It better have controller support.

Lightsaber3247d ago

I have to agree with xiphos on that one. Natal for the must part seem stupid to me. It be a cool to use with nxe and milo was kind of neat (be cool for talkin to npc in fable 3) but sorry I want my controllers. If I want some motion control crap I'd own a wii for all the great shoveware.

sikbeta3247d ago

Old school fighting game can't be ruined by "newer" controllers...

colonel1793247d ago

if they ruin KI, the only fighter I love, I will literally go to Rare and kill all of them with a electric saw!... They already ruined Banjo Kazooie...

MS what have you done with Rare?, just let them die already so they'd be remembered by the epic games they used to make with Nintendo, instead of the crappy games they've made since you bought them

rroded3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

say it aint so fulgor!

how that going to work anyways just jump n punch at the air or what

this is just wrong KI3 needs to be made right!

presto7173246d ago

Was it good? What platform?

Nihilism3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I can't believe this, you hope for 10 years that they finally release another killer instinct, and they go and destroy it by making it a natal game....because everyone knows how well a fighting game would play with natal, i'd put my shoulder out trying to do all the combo's


It was a fighting game on N64

ultimolu3246d ago

It actually started on the SNES. I had the first one for SNES and Gameboy. That was one of my favorite fighting games. Jago and Glacius were two of my best characters.

With that being said...they are going to f*ck up the game with Natal support. Killer Instinct deserves a proper third installment.

badz1493246d ago

I think M$ is trying to kill Rare for good!

silvacrest3246d ago

killer instincts gold was on the N64

the original was on the SNES

also i agree that making it natal only would be an epic fail for KI3, hell, i would prefer no natal support for this game, if it is indeed getting made

execution173246d ago

lame i don't want to be throwing my arms around like a spazz and even bother wasting my cash on Natal, no buy from me if its Natal only:(

MGSR THE HD VERSION3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

"I can't believe this, you hope for 10 years that they finally release another killer instinct"

people hoped for a real sequel to FF7, which is a game that came out 12 years ago.

Nihilism3246d ago

Yes they did, but there will never be a natal final fantasy, quite different. I see no difference between killer instinct on natal, than if it were played via a wii fit board.

GUNS N SWORDS3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

hmmmm, i think the whole world has been waiting 16 years for a true sequel to sonic.

seriously if Nintendo can make a perfect conversion from 2d to 3d for mario then Saga should be able to as well.

Sarcasm3246d ago

How in the world is anybody going to pull off any of the insane combos from KI using Natal?

multipayer3246d ago

You know it is interesting, it'll probably be the best use of full body motion I'd actually be entertained by... I'm sure the old school one will be remade to add hype and play like all your other *new* fighting games...

Rare owes you nothing!

Bathyj3246d ago


It was good back in the day when no one had played Tekken, Soul Blade or Virtua Fighter yet.

I honestly think all the hope for a new one is really just nostalga. The main drawcard was the high hit number, easy to pull off combos.

I havent played it for a long time, but I dont think it would have aged very well.

Just my opinion.

gaffyh3246d ago

Is it just me or does this sound like Sony's forced SixAxis use in Lair? Seems like Rare are going to ruin another of their franchises for MS, although KI wasn't one of my favourite fighters personally.

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XDF3247d ago

And then the money shot: “I think it’s about doing something different than with a conventional controller.”

If KI3 is released in Fall with Natal function, along with Fable 3, Halo Reach, and Gears of War 3...and games for Natal..

X360 will rule the Holiday in 2010.

The real killer3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

DUDE, it's only camera with body detection nothing more.
Pfff, what fuss about NATAL!!

A little bit shaking with your arse,limps,head or body and you call that a WOW factor!!

Saaking3247d ago

LMAO, I'll take games over Natal any day.

sikbeta3247d ago

Gears is good for being Gears, Natal will not make any difference

As I said long before, motion can be a PLUS for a game, but definitely is not the CORE of the game itself

Hutch23553246d ago

then when a rumor of a great game comes out for natal, you say, I will take games over natal. So what is it, no games, or just not the games you want?

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Sonyslave33247d ago

BUT it will fail sorry droids NAtal is going to own with AAA games.

Halo Reach
KI3 and many more to come.

The real killer3247d ago

A another smart arse fortune-teller.

Saaking3247d ago

hahaha, have fun waving your arms around like a moron.

RedPawn3246d ago

Sorry Slave KI is complete trash, this is one game among many that have no place nowadays.

cyborg69713246d ago

Yeah right slave. Natal is about as useful as an armless chronic masturbator.

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SpartanZero3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I knew it was being developed. Scivelation was announced for the 360 too.
Next up Crimson Skies 2

Thump19673247d ago

Hell yeah KI 3 in any form I'll take