Xbox LIVE Arcade Texas Hold'em gets a release date!

According to the product listing page at, our favorite little Poker game has a release date of 8/23/2006!

Other tidbits:

Texas Hold 'em poker is the most realistic poker game around. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, enjoy the thrill of the perfect hand or the perfect bluff. Test your skills in ring games and tournaments, or fine-tune your skills playing the scenario you always wanted to be in...

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Asylumchild6168d ago

Now we get to see what gamers really do hustle gettin money from playin texas holdem or are they just fakes


specialguest6168d ago

i wonder if real money can be played with. in the US, there's a new bill that is about to be passed to restrict online gambling like online poker for example. the Gov. are just mad because they don't get a tax cut of those winnings.

Liverpool4ever6166d ago

superb news for poker fans. Hope it has achivements too. i guess it will be hard to get a royal straight flush, huh? but nice news indeed