1UP: Harvest Moon Sunshine Island Review

1UP writes: "I always joke that each Harvest Moon title is essentially the exact same game. And that's true to an extent -- if you've played one entry in the farming sim series, then you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from every other one. But outside that "tend crops, raise animals, woo a villager, sleep, rinse, and repeat" formula, the changes from title to title can be subtle but significant. As a devoted Harvest Moon fan, it's these changes that keep drawing me in time and time again; I need to see what's new, experience what's been improved, and gripe about what features have inevitably taken a step backward. For those who haven't played Harvest Moon since the SNES days, or for gamers whose only exposure to a farming sim is Facebook's Farmville application, the complexities contained within this DS cart may be surprising. Whether it's a good surprise or a horrific one depends largely on your patience for delayed gratification."

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