Gaming Goons Episode #2: What Don't We Talk About

* PSP Ad-Hoc Mode
* What We've Been Playing
* PS3 and PSP Firmware Update Impressions
* Sony and Microsoft In Love on The Low?
* Would Modern Warfare 2 Be The Boss Without the Call of Duty Tag?
* Will Wii Games Work on the PS3? How Long Can the Wii's Reign Last?
* PSP Go Set Up for Failure?
* Console Prices to Drop Even Further Next Year?
* How Well Does Third Person Mode Work in Modern Warfare 2?
* Tekken 6 vs. Street Fighter 4 (What Abotu BlazBlue?)
* Call of Duty Franchise to Receive Monthly Subscription Fees? (Possible Call of Duty MMO in Development)
* Our Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Impressions
* PSN Store Update On Tuesday Instead of Thursday and It's a Big One!

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Madusha3248d ago

Keep it up TGA, loving your stuff :D

Nick2120043248d ago

Glad to hear. We are working hard to work our way up.