Back of FF13 Box Leaked, No Install & Lossless Audio for PS3 Version

What appears to be the back of the Final Fantasy XIII boxart over in Japan has leaked onto the web - and the image confirms some long-debated questions about the final release of the game.

Specifically, the back of the box states that the game has no Optional or Mandatory install, only using up 500kb of hard drive space for a save game. This is great news for PS3 owners, and indicates that the game will run as smoothly as the demo did.

The image also confirms that the PS3 version will have super high quality LPCM 5.1 audio and the CGI sequences will be in full 1080p HD rather than the 720p that was feared.

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Julie3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Please someone confirm english subtitles so i can import this one with lovely Japanese music and voice acting <3 (me no like Leona pop stuff eww) -_-

Oerba_Fang3300d ago

If you have been up to date with the developer interviews ever since the demo released they always mentioned how load times and would be nearly non existent for the final release.

This seems to confirm it and how the PS3 version will be superior. No mandatory or optional install is great news.

They have already stated several times now the 360 version will be compressed. Things like 1080p CGI and 5.1 Linear PCM lossless audio will be the first things to go. After that the in-game assets will be looked at.

Microsoft Xbox 3603300d ago

That's what everybody seem to forget when comparing multiplat games. The highest form of HD audio are only found on the PS3 version. If you want the absolute HD experience, you can only find it on the PS3. You can't spin that.

Marceles3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

It says "Save Data Install 500kb, Total Full/Free (hard to tell)Install 1938kb". Not bad at all

Saaking3300d ago

Superior PS3 version reconfirmed. I was also wondering about the quality of the CGI cutscenes. given that the Ps3 utilizes Bluray, won't they be MUCH higher quality on PS3 as well? Only a fool would even buy the 360 version.

Godmars2903300d ago

If there isn't going to be JP VA work in the Western version, what makes you think they'll be anything but JP subtitles in the JP version?

masterofpwnage3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

pass on this game i alwyas liked versus better,
but this game looks alright not a big fan of turn base

okay fuk maybe i do have interest in this game
after watching noct video wow

but you got to admit it
it would have look much more better if it didnt go multi but in the other hand good job square for atleast making the performance of the game good

Redempteur3300d ago

OMG if the japanese version has english text ....

i won't wait for the us release ...

since we STILL DONT KNOW if there is a jap track on the us version to this date .....

Noct3300d ago

The 1932KB is the trophy data. When you load the game up for the first time it automatically saves straight to your HD.

Officially excited now!

The new trailer from yesterday made it my most anticipated game.

The end sequence is just holy ******* awesomness! Imagine seeing that in 1080p HD!

Julie3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Dunno Godmars290 mabe for the same reason Demon's Souls had english subtitles and menus, and because i don't loose hope i don't really like that Leona pop crap on Final Fantasy , what is wrong with that? good for the ones who like pop but i don't, i do like the original soundtrack full of magic and voice acting... to each one his own :)

Julie3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

And japanese soundtrack too , pretty please!

Saaking3300d ago

@rumor monger

Unfortunately due to *certain* limitations, the feature will not be available. Like MS said, give thanks for the 360! lmao

ultimolu3300d ago

If it has subtitles, I'm importing-just like I did with Bayonetta.

Vivi3300d ago

When all the dual audio stuff was up in the air Toriyama (Co-director) did say if the game didn't ship with dual audio then DLC would be an option they would look at.

He never mentioned if it would be free or at a small cost but I'm sure most hardcore anime fans would buy it to experience the game in Japanese no matter the price. Either way the English voice acting is at a very high standard for JRPG's and what makes it even better is that the mouth work has been re-done to fit the audio.

Also just to let everyone know it's highly likely the English version of the game will include the Japanese song you can hear in Noct's trailer above. The game has two Japanese songs, one which is an insert song and the other which is the games main theme (the one in the trailer). That song was also used for the English version of the TGS trailer so I think My Hands will just replace the insert song and not the main theme.

We will find out for sure whenever we get the English version of the trailer above, if it uses the main theme then that means we will get that song for the English version and that will mean My Hands will just replace the other song!

maruchan27six3300d ago

It says Trophy Install 1938kb.

Redempteur3300d ago

most likely , that song was here because "MY hands" wasn't completed or they were rights to discuss ...

and i hope i'm wrong


"Superior PS3 version reconfirmed."

oh how the prediction will crumble so hard :)

doing whatever they can to make them selves feel safe.......when don't even have the 360 version to make a comparison.

3300d ago
MGSR THE HD VERSION3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

and look at that, it doesn't even say 1080p media on the back, it's just a list of resolutions it's supports.

and they even say

"Do bear in mind that this is an unconfirmed leak, so take the details on the image below with a pinch of salt! We're trying to confirm it and will update if we do."

lolz, ps3 gamers, they'll pass off anything as truth to make them selves feel secure.

Vivi3300d ago

The demo cover said all the exact same resolutions on the back...and guess what? It had 1080P full HD CGI.

Keep trying.

CimmerianDrake3300d ago

The fact that the PS3 version will have lossless audio automatically makes it superior. The 360 can't have lossless audio. Anything else you have to say it rendered null and void by that simple fact. So you can try and tout the 360 using your lame devil's advocate approach that no one believes, or you can accept the fact that the PS3 version is superior and just move on. I know however that you will choose the former instead of the latter.

Grimm103300d ago

1 Disc automatically makes the PS3 version superior.

Oh and PS3 gamers can watch the CGI in full 1080P pristine glory and listen to the games beautiful music in the full quality it's meant to be heard.

The PS3 doesn't scratch discs and even when Blu-Rays do get scratched by something else they work perfectly.

If the one disc gets scratched for you b0ts then it's all over ahahha!!

Oh and watch out for the RROD between the disc swapping ahahha!!

....Or maybe you will receive the E79 Hardrive error when you have to install the game just so it's loading speeds can match the PS3's.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

you guys are looking at CGI and audio as the advantage.

how about performance and stability :)

If I'm not correct 360's version is coming out after ps3's version.

the world already saw the benefits in performance that were reaped in a demo that was two months old.

The 13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I might get this for PS3 but I'm going to wait to see if the gameplay is superior on the 360 first. I'll wait for the report on Color/textures/framerate/ comparisons before I pick up the PS3 version. I might still go with the 360 version regardless because of my friends and the XBL features I like better. Sound and movie quality come second to the actual performance of the gameplay which I will be spending much more time with vs cutscenes.

I agree

Saaking3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The game is single player so XBL and PSN is a non issue. Just face it, you're getting it for the 360 becuase you're a fanboy or you just don't have a PS3.

The CGI (aka the STORY) is much better quality as is the audio in the PS3 version. FF has been on Playstation for over a decade therefore you can be sure the gameplay on the Ps3 will be flawless. Don't make excuses.

kalebgray923300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

cover up .... just looking at your other comments can tell your fanboy... callin you out on 2 stories kid

Bodyboarder_VGamer3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

That's what I call eXtreme ownage.

mikeslemonade3300d ago

That's great but since it's multiplatform the potential of this game will always be hindered.

CimmerianDrake3300d ago

You're not correct. SE wants to release both at the same time. And besides, the 360's version was rushed through development, whereas the PS3 has had development time since the beginning. Plus, the PS3 version is going to be on a more stable, and better performing console, namely the PS3. Face it, you can argue it all you want, but the PS3 version is superior. And you know it is, you just want attention, to go against the grain. Well that's all fine if you don't have a life and want to waste your time. The rest of us will just live in reality. No installs, lossless audio, true HD video, one disc, longer development time, no cuts, no compression, and you still think the PS3 version won't be superior? You truly are a lost cause of a fanboy. Or as the slang goes, a Weebol.

Lightsaber3300d ago

So much for the it being dumb down cause of the 360. PS3 fanboys should be kisses MS ass right now cause if it wasnt for them we likely have to be sitting through a 2 -3 hour install before we could play the game. Cause the game has to be the same on both systems no install for the ps3

zane5473300d ago

on BOTH consoles.

There will always be a debate as to which version performs best, and for people who own both consoles, a difference in audio quality might be a deciding factor. But for people who only own 1 or the other (like me, impoverished students ftw) they're not going to enjoy the game any less on xbox 360 if thats the console they own, the differences are minimal, lossless audio is only significantly noticeable if you have high quality speakers. And I'm 99% sure the 360 version will support 1080p for the CGI cutscenes, multiple disks are not a problem.

I just personally hope they find a solution to the side-quest problem that was in Star Ocean TLO. Or I guess then it might be even more like World War 3 in here =/

3300d ago
CimmerianDrake3300d ago

Yeah, MS is the reason there are no installs despite the fact that there are MANY other multiplat games where there are. *sigh* some people...

rockleex3300d ago

They'll be docking points for the PS3 version simply because the CGI "looks too sharp" or "too much details."

Seriously, I fully expect some idiot to claim 1080p is not as good as 720p.

DevastationEve3300d ago

I'll buy the version for the console I have, since that's the one I can play.

Noctis Aftermath3300d ago

I'd rather an optional 4gb install like in valkyria chronicles.

Maddens Raiders3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

"Seriously, I fully expect some idiot to claim 1080p is not as good as 720p."

...erm ever heard of "MGSR ThE HD Version"?

Azurite3300d ago

There's also the Hong Kong/asian version, it too have a chance to include english subtitles.

pppppeach3300d ago

"The game is single player so XBL and PSN is a non issue. Just face it, you're getting it for the 360 becuase you're a fanboy or you just don't have a PS3."

Hello blind fanboy,

Just because the ps3 does not have crossvoice chat does not mean the 360 doesn't as well.

I like to play all my games with chat. That way I can talk to friends even when they play MW2 or other games. But also when they play FF13 we can talk while we grind our way to max lvl etc.

I love how ps3 owners are so insecure lol...

It's like 99% of n4g is ps3 fanboy and still they are oh so insecure hahahaha.

Julie3299d ago

Ty Azurite, i have new hopes then =)

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sa_nick3300d ago

Why do people see no installs as good news? I'd prefer to have a 5GB install if i knew it would improve quality. It might not be true, but I always feel developers have to sacrifice things to get the game running smooth just off the disc.

AP3300d ago

1080p HD CGI, Lossless Audio and NO INSTALL.

blackpanther253300d ago

man this is wonderful.....are we celebrating thanksgiving cause it feels like F-ing Christmas

densai3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

this is gonna look and sound god damn beautiful on my sony bravia

Obama3300d ago

I don't think there's any doubt that the ps3 version is superior? It's the lead version after all.

densai3300d ago

better luck next time xbots

Saaking3300d ago

Yep, all the stupid bots saying we would need to install. Like I said, show me a link where SE said there'd be an install and guess what? They couldn't. They are ALL officially OWNED.

Aquarius3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

What a delightful day :)

Xbox 360: 365 days and counting..........
----------------------------- ------------


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3300d ago

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

I bet you the xBox 360 Version will be in MONO and Black&White!!! ;-D

MAiKU3300d ago

Somebody better call Microsoft Tech support, the bots have failed again.

No swapping out of the box and playing beyond.

Anorexorcist3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

PS3 Superior Version = Confirmed

Xbox 360 Pathetic Struggling to Be Current-Gen Version = Confirmed.

Berserk13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )




Pirateogta3300d ago

I honestly believe very few 360 owners care about FFXIII. The only reason they'd be happy to have it on their console is to piss off PS3 fanboys, which the announcement sure as hell did back at E3 2008. LOL, that was a funny day.

xoxideu3300d ago

that's right this game won't sell on the xbox, they only like space marines and fps

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Hanif-8763300d ago

I wasn't gonna get this game because i thought that this game would be gimped because of the Xbox360 so this is definitely good new as it puts it right back on my list :)