Bayonetta: Digital Foundry Face-Off

Digital Foundry writes:

"Hold onto your potatoes, because there's no way to sugarcoat this one - Bayonetta is one of the most dramatic Face-Offs we've ever had to do. On Xbox 360, it is a magnificent game, as our import review testifies. On PS3, it looks like an Xbox 360 exclusive that has been dragged unwilling, kicking and screaming across the divide.

Strictly speaking, Bayonetta isn't actually out yet. However, while European gamers can't buy it until 8th January, the game is coming up to its one-month anniversary in Japan, and it's the Far Eastern versions we're covering today. We don't expect wholesale changes on either version of the game to follow, but if the Western release does change significantly we'll make sure to report on it in a follow-up piece."

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Myze3341d ago

Sadly I don't see the huge list of inferior aspects of the ps3 version being fixed for the western release, which is a real shame.

I don't think there is any excuse anymore for ports this bad, no matter what they try and tell us about how different the engine is. All it shows is they weren't willing to redo significant portions of the engine to work well on the ps3. This is also the reason many/most multi-plat developers are now making their games simultaneously on ps3 and 360, leaving both versions equal in the end, and as we've been seeing lately, ps3 versions often have a slight edge.

So now I wonder who to blame for the problems, PlatinumGames or SEGA, for being a little too lazy.

I'm sure it's still a good game on the ps3, but this is still very disappointing. Based on the demo, I find DMC better anyway, not to mention GoW. Still probably won't buy the ps3 version unless there are some pretty significant changes in the western version. Almost a shame the ps3 version sold so much better in Japan. It's just telling devs that it don't matter how inferior the ps3 version is, we'll just release it anyway.

Genesis53341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Well if they didn't feel the need to make a better effort on the PS3 version. I'm sure PS3 owners will not make the effort to buy it. Lets face it PS3 owners are anything but starved for games right now. I am having are hard time finding the time to play all the ones I have right now.

I no longer feel the need to play a lousy port when I have the choices that I do now. The only one it's going to hurt is the developer who will be losing half their sales.

roybatty3341d ago

How sad. The 360 version looks beautiful. I think they are correct in their assumptions that this was coded for a 360 and 'cold' ported over......which is never good. Textures always look blurry and the frame-rates and tearing.....oh please god the tearing.
Oh well enjoy this game 360 owners.
What gives anyway with Sega aiming at 360? Where they purposely aiming at North American/Euro market? just wondering...

PirateThom3341d ago

Platinum Games, the developer, either through lack of planning or resources, created the 360 version and then gave the code to Sega to port.

Not aiming for anything, just leftovers on PS3. Sega did a decent job, all things considered, Platinum Games should have just made it exclusive if they didn't want to do the work.

raztad3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

At any rate this game is a xbox exclusive, designed and developed by Platinum, but as the xbox is dead in Japan, Sega came up with a turd of a port, perhaps the worst port ever to cash in from Japanese gamers.

Even if game is still playable on the ps3, it doesnt deserve anything close to a full price admission. Maybe bargain bin or perhaps second hand later in the year.

hatchimatchi3341d ago

I have the ps3 version. It really isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The only complaint I have with it is that the load times are long. It's a fun game, I haven't beaten it yet, about half way through.

andron3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

So let's hope they fix more too, but it would have to be a very poor port indeed to stop me from getting it....

Edit: But it's pretty disappointing that they can't get the PS3 version to run at a minimum 30 fps even...