GamePro: The 24 Best PS3 Games

Who says the PS3 doesn't have great games? Like its predecessors, Sony's next-gen console is destined to be the home of some truly awe-inspiring games, and already has several gems to its credit. Here are the 24 titles that every PlayStation 3 owner should have in their collection.

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mistajeff3342d ago

*salutes MGS4 at the top of the list*

callahan093342d ago

My number one would be Demon's Souls. But MGS4 deserves to be really high up there, too.

ZBlacktt3342d ago

You bet you ass it's still number one. That game set the bar for the whole world to see. :D Yeah, Demon Souls should be on the list seeing that CODMW2 made it. Also, ever play/seen Heavenly Sword? That game was super good for it's time on the early life of the PS3.

jalen2473341d ago

I own 22/24 of those games. I don't own Rock Band or Tekken 6.

fan_of_gaming3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

used to be 16/24 but I sold Oblivion, Orange Box and GT5 Prologue

it isn't a bad list, but i think Uncharted 1 and Burnout should be on there

xg-ei8ht3341d ago

I don't have lots of games, i play and then sell, i don't keep unless they offer Mp and tons of replayability.

Alot of those games would not be on my list.

No fallout 3
No GTA 4

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