"Super" Street Fighter IV No Better Than Halo 3 "ODST"

Ironstarmovement: "One thing that has been recently nagging me lately is Super Street Fighter IV. The original Street Fighter IV was a great fighting game at first; though it was very easy for beginners."

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St03250d ago

Anything's better than Halo games IMO. Halo 1 was good, but didn't really enjoy the rest

ThaTruthMVP3250d ago

I mean seriously, you're basically paying $40 for DLC... do they think we're stupid. I guess if you don't have Street Fighter 4 already it works, but otherwise... no thanks. They should at least give us the option of DLC, that would be a little more considerate.

Cajun Chicken3250d ago

Agree. Rip off, could work in arcades Capcom, not in homes.

BlackSpartan1873250d ago

I knew it. They always come out with different, better versions of there Street Fighter franchises. So, that why I did not buy SF4. I glad I made that choice, I will be getting a cheaper and better version of SF4.

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