The MMOs That Rose Or Fell During World of Warcraft's Reign

Kotaku: "Once World of Warcraft was king, it seemed like a contender to its throne was announced monthly. Here's a quick look at the competitors that were born or died - or both! - during WoW's rise."

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SuperStrokey11234869d ago

I love how they had to edit in GW lol, essentially it is the most successful mmo after WoW and it got missed.

madpuppy4869d ago

was Myst online, That was quite enjoyable.
purely puzzle based, and very fun. what a shame it didn't make it.

bozebo4869d ago

missing free realms - even though it's made for little 9-year-olds and is rubbish.

Also, runescape has consistently gained popularity before and during wow's existance.

no doubt there are a bunch of others. Archlord is around, and entropia...

how did the article miss these?

Menchi4869d ago

They neglected to even -mention- FFXI, which is probably more successful than a fair number of those games that they did mention.

It remains successful to this day, with an estimated 500,000 active accounts. It is also a pretty amazing MMO, with an actual focus on story, for once.

There's a 14 day trial for it, so I urge anyone who has ever had an interest in FFXI, to give it a go, completely free, at

Meryl4868d ago

where on earth was guild wars that is still going lol

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