IGN Blue Dragon preview

June 4, 2007 - We here at IGN recently got our hands on a copy of an English subtitled copy of Blue Dragon. While it doesn't have the English voice acting that the US version will sport (along with the option to listen to the original Japanese dialogue), reading subtitles was enough for us to dive right in and start our coverage. Now that we've made it about 20 hours into the epic, we're back with more impressions and info.

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ngg123455963d ago (Edited 5963d ago )

They really hated this game it seems. I mean they had nothing good to say about the game besides that it looked pretty. Was a really harsh preview.

TruthHurts5963d ago

all i gotta say.
after that preview wait for a review before considering buying that game. i haven`t heard that "bad sounding" of a preview in a while.

Odion5963d ago

well considering it got like a 48/50 in Japan i am not worried I am buying this day one to have a little old school fun

Honeal2g5963d ago

some people dont appreciate games like this (or its just not there thing w.e the case may be) i will admitt that this style of game may be boring to many but i love turn based battle systems and world map traviling and i wish they never changed that in Final Fantasy ...i mean look at ff12 some ppl say its a good game once u get into it but look at its sales compared to like ffx (which owned btw) but still its all opinion and i cant wait for this game.

drtysouf215963d ago

so i rent all games at gamefly before i decide to purchase but this is the game i've been looking forward to on my 360 i'm a big fan of RPG games so i really hope it doesn't disappoint.

TruthHurts5963d ago

if a game gets a 1-3/10 you most likely would even check it out.
i know what your sayin but in some cases, a bad game is a bad game.
i`m not sayin its like that for this.

DarkestHour005963d ago

I have ALWAYS felt IGN is rough on alot of 360 things(not flaming just how I feel) but I am looking very forward to this game.