Diehard GameFAN: System Flaw Review (DSi)

System Flaw is a game that relies more on its gimmick than its gameplay to be interesting, and while the gimmick works well enough to be cute, it doesn't work well enough to make the game worth owning. The gameplay is simple to learn and there's a decent amount of length and balance to the game, which should please shooter fans somewhat. However, the story and presentation are average and the gameplay is limited, making the game a hard sell off the bat. The game also requires the player to play in moderate light and spin around a lot, which robs the game of accessibility and portability, two things that further hamper its appeal, and even if you can tolerate the lack of depth and simplistic gameplay, the fact that the game can make you dizzy and requires ideal conditions to play doesn't help matters any. Frankly, the best gimmick games are those that take their gimmick and make it not only integral to the experience, but fun as well, and while System Flaw manages to incorporate the first idea well enough, it can't say the same for the second. If you own a DSi, System Flaw might be an amusing diversion, but if you don't, you won't feel obligated to own one just to play this.

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