Carcassone Coming To XBLA Wednesday?

Even though Carcassonne has not been officially announced for this Wednesdays XBLA title GamingTalkHQ believes it very well could be this weeks title.

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marionz4570d ago

this game looks stupid, how bout bomberman? im sick of stupid games getting released on XBLA mad tracks double dragon etc

give me classics like bubble bobble, rainbow islands, bomberman, final fight, streets of rage.........

fjtorres4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Not everybody drools at the sight of another warmed over 90's 2-d kick-n-punch retread from Japan. MS is going out of their way to get some games into arcade that will appeal to people born before the PS1 was released. And that's a good thing.
CATAN is a very fun game; more like it will be *highly* welcome.
Carcasonne will be a great addition to the catalog.
If the rumors are true and they'll be adding Puerto Rico, too, even better.
Not every games has to be about fragging sprites...

Deafman4204570d ago

releasing 2 arcade games every wednesday.

cdmounty4570d ago

Carcasonne is a great game, but it is destined to sell in small numbers thanks to the hordes of Ritalin-dependent over-diagnosed ADHD kids that run the world of video games. If you can't strafe, they don't want it, and by strafe I mean mindlessly play without having to think. "To every thing, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn, and a time to every purpose under heaven." FPS's are great, but there are times when one needs to build and colonize little virtual wooden and cardboard cities.
Hope this one has Vision Camera support.

Rhezin4570d ago

no how bout releasing Prince of Persia arcade that they promised they were early summer!