Exclusive interview with Venetica´s creative director Jan Klose

Again we are proud to present you a very special article, if we did previously with our friends to the game Haemimont Games Tropics 3, today is the turn to interview the creative director of an RPG style game, which though perhaps many of you only what you have heard, we mean that in principle will be excellent within the genre.

If we talk about RPG's, probably will remember the long list of titles, some more fortunate than others, but for fans of the genre, this would be great.

We knew Fable, the recent Dragon Age Origins and this time speak of Venetica, a title that should not go unnoticed by any player, let alone for the RPG fans.

Venetica is a game developed by Deck 13, and have had the opportunity to speak with his creative director: Jan Klose.

But before proceeding to the interview, we give a brief overview of the history and content of Venetica, I assure you you will love it.

Read about what Jan Klose has to tell us the game, because it reveals crucial information about this wonderful title (the interview is published in English and Spanish at the bottom of the page).

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Excelent Interview!

The website are good ;)