How to Run Chrome OS From A USB Drive

Have you already tried Chrome OS using a virtual machine, and were less than impressed? Well now you can get a feel for how Google's Web-centric operating system will run natively google chromeon your machine. The folks over at Engadget were able to boot Chromium OS -- the open source version of what will become Chrome OS -- off of a USB stick on a Dell Vostro A90 netbook. The USB bootable disc is based on the Chromium OS build of Twitter user Hexxeh, who set up a Web site where you can view all the instructions you need for getting your bootable USB up and running.

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MetalGearRising3248d ago

No thanks i have a better more complete sophisticated operating system WINDOWS 7 so u can stick that where it hurts google up your A**.

getonmylev3l3248d ago

you're so badass! can i be your friend?

Timesplitter143248d ago

I can't see why I would need to do this

sikbeta3248d ago

And is not NEW either, every Linux based OS can be installed in a USB Drive, I use my Pendrive as a Backup-Ubuntu OS and it can run LIVE without installation

Kakkoii3247d ago

Even Windows can be run from a thumb drive.

reneki3248d ago

also, not game related, especially not with an OS that will barely have any running on it.

3246d ago