A Sequel to F.E.A.R.

Good news F.E.A.R. fans, there will be a fear sequel.

Heres what IGN had to say,

"It seemed like a foregone conclusion that a sequel would come skittering out from the darkness to make another indelible impression on the gaming masses. What none of us really expected was the rift between then publisher Vivendi and Monolith over the franchise. So what happened? Well Vivendi still owns the F.E.A.R. name and plans to bring another game using that brand with a "2" at the end. Meanwhile, Monolith and Warner Brothers are bringing out a sequel within the universe made popular by the first F.E.A.R. title. Because they don't own the famous brand, they have to create a new identity for their established universe."

"To do this, they want to enlist you, the gamers, to create the best name for this new game that you can think of and submit the suggestions to up until June 22nd. Once they've picked out the best titles from the submissions, they'll then turn the same site into a voting booth for all comers. Just pop in and pick your favorite and cast your ballot. Who knows, you may see your own suggestion used in a high-profile title."

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PS360PCROCKS4572d ago

Just read this on IGN. Little confusing but I think I get it. But hey two FEARS is better than one right?

The Snake4572d ago

The first thing that comes to mind is the Call of Duty situation where Infinity Ward puts out quality games and Treyarch puts out games that aren't that good.

Kleptic4572d ago

Yeah I guess...Sounds like the same thing with Perfect Dark coming out after Goldeneye...Sort of, Rare lost the 007 license or whatever...

I actually just rented this for the ps3...never had a PC that could run it...The PS3 version is definately the crappiest so I hear, but its still nice and creepy...definately worth the rent, and has me interested in the sequel...

Rythrine4572d ago

it was a letdown.....i don't understand why is it so dark in some areas? there were times i couldn't see the enemies when they are hiding behind crates even though i know they're there...i had to turn my tv set's brightness a little higher just to see them...

Kleptic4572d ago

it is definitely dark...but I think it was supposed to be...the flashlight thing is funny, because it doesn't make light at all...Some reviews pointed out that it simply turns the brightness of a circle in the middle of the screen up...

but I sort of enjoyed not being able to see the dudes at wasn't like Doom 3, where you constantly couldn't see crap...and it was constantly right in front of you, punching your face...that was annoying...But in Fear, even on the crappy PS3 version, you at times only see the slight red tint of their masks...which is completely awesome...then running up to suprise them and blasting them in half with a shotgun is great...

I don't know, the darkness worked for me...and I love the feeling of how the guys you are trying to kill seem just as scared of you, as you are of them...when one dude yells "go check that out"...the other dude replies with "Feck no"...the whole time I am crouched with the 10mm HV Penetrator ready to pin him to a wall...its cool...

snoop_dizzle4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

are really good

Rythrine4572d ago

I's hoping that they both look stellar and plays well....although, i kept wondering how the FEAR in Vivendi's camp will look like since they don't have monolith on their side anymore?

PS360PCROCKS4572d ago

hold two? You mean the monolith creation? and the actual F.E.A.R.? or am I missing something?

snoop_dizzle4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

what you were referring to.

Rythrine4572d ago

Yup...there's two..but vivendi owns the FEAR brand so they're the only one who can release FEAR for monolith and warner, they are making a somewhat similar game but they need a new title that's why they're asking us, the gamers, opinions for one...

PS360PCROCKS4572d ago

Utterly amazing! screw Vivendi. I am all for Monolith. It will kill anything Vivendi does.

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Ru4572d ago

"this time its Fearier"

drtysouf214572d ago

Wonder if it will be scarier

snoop_dizzle4572d ago

the first one wasn't scary enough for me.

Hopefully they do something really weird and scary.

Kleptic4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

I have almost finished it...and yeah..I hope the next one is more so...I keep compairing it to Doom 3, a game that I loathe...but D3 tried so desperately to be scary, and it failed miserably...while FEAR tries far less, and still comes out to be decently unsettling at times...mostly just on sound alone...a dark room and a good surround sound system will make it worse than any recent movie...

but yeah...the next one could improve on that part...Once you sort of realize that the stuff that tries to scare you never hurts you, its not creepy at all anymore...the only threats are the guys with guns...not the little girl, or the wierd stuff going least for the most part...

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