Nvidia CEO calls Intel a tyrannical ruler

Fudzilla: "In an interview with Tbreak, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang offered some insight into Nvidia's long term plans, centered around Tesla servers and a bunch of Tegra concepts.

However, we've heard most of this already and we know Nvidia has very high hopes for GPGPU computing and especially its Tegra jack-of-all-trade processors.

One of the more interesting comments in the 4-page interview refers to Nvidia's Intel bashing cartoons: "We just think its funny- its a nice way of letting it out. During the older times, peasants used humor against a tyrannical ruler ship. (Laughs.) It helps ease some of the frustration. But let me ask you- when was the last time you saw a company as big as Intel sue another smaller company? They're scared and you can write this down- We will kick their ass when we go to court next year," said Jen-Hsun."

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RedPawn3275d ago

At least they got the picture right.

Nihilism3274d ago

Well with all the anti competitive things intel does, i'm inclined to agree with nvidia.