Geforce 195.62 WHQL-candidate drivers released

The Geforce driver engineering team at Nvidia have just released a new addition to the Geforce 195 driver series, dated November 20, 2009. According to the release notes, Geforce 195.62 WHQL-candidate drivers are almost identical to the previous Geforce 195.55 WHQL-candidate release with the addition of several bug fixes and improved stability.

Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, the drivers address an issue with Windows Media Center crashing on the Geforce 210 when playing VC1 or MPEG2 HD content at 1080p resolution.

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Tanny922253246d ago

nothin for me in this update

Nihilism3246d ago

You can only try it. I've found performance improvements in games where the improvements were listed in the release notes at all.

GFahim3246d ago

i just want to know:

do i have to first uninstall my current version before i download and install the latest drivers? or will it do it automatically by me just downloading and installing the new drivers?

Voozi3246d ago

You should uninstall previous drivers before installing new ones.

A good program to ensure you've removed all files is "Driver Cleaner Pro" which is free to download & use.

If you want the best way to install your drivers then...

1) Boot into safe mode
2) Use Driver Cleaner Pro to uninstall drivers
3) Restart computer (Boot normally into Windows)
4) Install new drivers
5) Restart when prompted
6) Done

z1ck3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

in my opinion driver sweeper is better i use this method

1- uninstall graphic driver
2- reboot in safe mode
3- clean using driver sweeper ( choose Nvidia or ATI display , analyze and clean)
3- reboot normal
4- install new graphic driver
5- reboot

hoops3246d ago

Grab em if you need them

3244d ago