Square-Go: An in-depth Heavy Rain Preview

An in-depth preview of Quantic Dream's upcoming "film noir thriller"

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Aquarius3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

"Quantic are keen to stress that whilst there is no game over screen, your actions will have repercussions. If you miss too many CSA's and don't fight hard enough your characters can die, all four of them in fact and the story will continue."

Lol, next year looks to be like PS3's GOLDEN YEAR.

Blu-ray was the focus in 2008...
2009 was more about the software...
Now that the SLIM is out and SONY has start to advertise properly, you better hop on that train ;)

SONY just needs to find ways to advertise this to the right audience and it will sell well. I'm sure people who like CSI/read novels/thriller fanatics and the mature gamer ( there's alot out there ) will pick this up ;)

TOO PAWNED3247d ago

It has been Sonys "golden year" since 2008 and will last until PS4 gets released. Every year will get better and better. Basically Mr Yoshueida(i know i wrote that wrong) said that install base is now big enough to sustain more releases, so you will see even more exclusives from Sony.

T-What3247d ago

Terrible article, they got one of the characters name wrong (the guys name is Norman not Nolan), they whine about bad controls, yet not a week ago I read about how the controls have been improved (even thought they take some getting use to) and they are talking about the Demo from E3 what was that 5 months ago, get with the times.
I am dieing to play Heavy Rain, its a day one second one purchase for me but I hate people who just write crap so they can sound like there playing with the big guys and yet fail miserably because their to stupid and lazy to do a little research.

caido_souls3246d ago

Personally I quite enjoyed the article, thought it was good. I hope they get rid of the crazy supernatural dragon ball Z stuff like the last one had.