Before the generation is out, these exclusives would have shaped it

There are games that define every console, and there are others that make a quick splash and then fade to black. Listed here are those you'll most likely remember even when you grow old and no longer can handle a controller; their sequels will keep your kids playing while you watch on the sidelines with jealously eating you heart away.

We'll commence with the Xbox 360.

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Grandreaper99993273d ago

What the hell? No Gears of War? I'm going to assume ODST took that spot.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

And there's no Gran Turismo either... The guy's on crack or he did not think well before writing the article.

Grandreaper99993273d ago

That's a pretty good assumption.

FishCake9T43273d ago

Lol, its been updated know though.

ico923273d ago

no love for the wii?

but yeah agree with the list

kaveti66163273d ago

Regardless of how people feel about Gears of War, it was one of the first games of this generation to truly showcase the power of the next gen consoles. I don't even really like Gears of War, but I sense the badass-ness of it.

Saaking3273d ago

Gears of war ONE was an amazing title. Gears 2 was full of disappointment after the immense hype it had. I won't deny it. When I first saw Gears back in 2006 I WAS BLOWN AWAY. It was truly the first of the next gen games and I couldn't believe how amazing it was; however after being spoiled by Uncharted, MGS4, Resistance, Heavenly Sword etc, Gears 2 just didn't make the cut.

edhe3273d ago

The single game that shaped this generation was Wii Sports.

That's the reason the Wii sold more than the other consoles and why we see the wand & natal.

There are many others that can be used from a gameplay POV but from the business, that's the one.

Sarcasm3273d ago

Yeah I agree with the Gears of War comments. Gears of War was the first title that made my jaw drop and that's when I realized when Next Gen gaming started.

zeeshan3272d ago

Why don't we have MAG or Heavy Rain in that list? And please, don't give me that "It's not out yet so we can't say anything about them" crap cuz 360 list is full of titles that are yet to be released.

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skewit3273d ago

Cause they have GT5 and Gears there.......

Maybe they updated

Nice list anywho. I can hardly wait for Kratos!!!

Grandreaper99993273d ago

Yeah, they did update it. Hahaha.. Good job guys.

skewit3273d ago

I like the idea of multiplatform games of course, but it's the exclusive lineups that really sets apart a console and brings it into its own.

Case-in--point: there would be no Xbox 360 without Halo.

kaveti66163273d ago

Yeah, the success of Halo on the original Xbox was one of the reasons why Microsoft decided that they could compete in the industry. Unfortunately, they rarely step off that rock and into something new.

RockmanII73272d ago

No one can disagree with that.

"Unfortunately, they rarely step off that rock and into something new."

Do you think MS has that option?
MS has 4 1st party studios
Sony has 17 1st party studios

rtonaey3273d ago

There wouldn't be an industry, people think console exclusives are so important, but I tend to thinks it's the multiplats that are.

Thinks of it. Let's use Sony for example:

They spent 20 million to make that game and did not make much money.

They make more on multiplatform games than they do exclusives

skewit3273d ago

than on their first party studios?

rtonaey3273d ago

And that's exactly why I think all this exclusive talk is one-ended.

We need the multiplats. Nuff Said.

nycredude3273d ago

I agree multiplats are important but to say that Sony and Micro makes more on Multiplats is retarded. $35 of the price of the games end up going to the developer. The rest is split up for everyone else. Obviously the risk is higher for first party developers, but the rewards are way greater. Multiplats are important but it is the exclusives that define the console and are way more important. Do you think the Wii would have sold so much if it wasn't for their Wii ware? Do you think Xbox would even be around if it wasn't for Gears and Halo franchises?

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