IncGamers Column: Friends Only

IncGamers' Andy Alderson discusses the Friends Only voice chat option on Xbox LIVE.

From the column:

"Hidden away in the depths of your Xbox LIVE profile preferences lies an option which might just change your experience of online gaming forever. Time for a little context: back in November 2008, Microsoft introduced the Party Chat feature as part of the New Xbox Experience dashboard update. Party Chat allows players to create a chat room in which they can speak privately to multiple friends while playing a game. Yes, I know it sounds simple, but Party Chat was pretty important when you consider what existed before it. Which, for me at least, was pain. Lots of pain."

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thetamer3250d ago

I have friends only on as it saves me from hearing "you're so shi*, I shot your mother in the face." or, "your sister likes that innit?" And that's just me. You should hear what the other twats say.

Maticus3250d ago

Thank god for the party chat option, it's pretty essential :P

Malfurion3250d ago

Yeah I've heard Xbox live chat is pretty awful. This is the way I'd go too.

Leord3250d ago

People abusive in general chats (voice or not) - big surprise :P

Fyzzu3250d ago

Friends Only never used to work for me, which made me sob. One day, it suddenly started working, and I was saved. SAVED! No longer did I have to hear the idiots! You cannot imagine my elation.

So, yeah, I can relate to this article, completely.