Successor vs. Predecessor: More than 30 PC-sequels which suck

Far Cry 2 sucks. In comparison with the original Far Cry. Empire Earth 3? Sucks too. Again, in comparison with its predecessor. There are so many games out that don't reach the ratings and the fame of its predecessors. Here's a nice overview of those games.

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The real killer3250d ago

Gothic 3 sucks, shame for this beautiful genre.
Long live Gothic 1/2.

Anorexorcist3250d ago

but man did its sequel, Deus Ex: The Invisible War, crush so many hardcore gaming hearts that fell in love with the original and were hyping the sequel like there was no tomorrow (myself included).

Damn you Eidos. Do it right or don't do it at all!!!

S4NDM4N3250d ago

Oh god.....FEAR 2.

I loved FEAR 1 to death. Still my favorite game of all time. Up there with System Shock 2 for me.

Aboslutely hated FEAR 2. They mainstream'd the game. They made it slower, took out leaning, made the game ridiculously easy, it just got boring. It wasn't nearly as intense as the first game.


ThanatosDMC3250d ago

I completely agree! There are those that defend Fear 2 with a passion and they've never even played the first. I dont understand how they could have ever screwed up the second. Different dev team? But shouldnt they have play the first at least?

edoman203250d ago

agree x10000000

FEAR 2 is TOO easy compared with the first one

Even in normal in FEAR 1 i die a LOT (5-15+ times in a level)

IN FEAR 2 in normal I DIE 1 time in the whole game

meetajhu3250d ago

Yeah right. These mong heads say Far Cry 1 is better? Lmao did they even play Far Cry 2 or had a bad time with it? Diablo 2 sucked? WOW. Fear 1&2 both are amazing games!

S4NDM4N3250d ago

FEAR 2 was terrible. It disappointed me so much. FO3 disappointed me as well. It just wasn't as deep as the older FO games. The combat system just wowed everyone because "SLO MO GORE! WOW"

Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 1 are iffy. They shouldn't be compared. They have nothing in common.

DIablo 2....ya I don't get lol

Nihilism3250d ago

F.E.A.R 2, Farcry 2, and diablo 2 were all amazing games...why do tantrum throwing kids not see the evolution for what it is

S4NDM4N3250d ago

it wasn't an evolution for FEAR 2.

FEAR 2 was just so slow....and boring. I enjoyed the story. I love FEAR. Alma is my favorite female character.

I jack off to FEAR 1 every day.

But FEAR 2. ugh. Monolith usually makes awesome sequels IMO. But this....was their blemish. I'm a hardcore Monolith fanboy as well, and I still can't look past FEAR 2. They took out all the good gameplay elements. FEAR 2 just felt like any other shooter. FEAR 1 stood out

XXXCouture3250d ago

"I jack off to FEAR 1 every day."

I seriously don't hope that means what i think it means

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redDevil873250d ago

Still find it surprising that some sequels get messed up.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

I can understand changing elements to make it more of a sequel than a 1.5 but changing the core gameplay of what made it great in the first place should never be messed with.

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