Splinter Cell Website Updated with Russian Content & GPS Co-Ordinates

Ve3tro writes: "If you haven't noticed already, the Official Splinter Cell website has been updated with a message in Russian and the date 27th November.

The message looks to be an email which discusses something to do with a security system.

The website also contains in the bottom right corner GPS co-ordinates, when put in the locaction comes up with Sankt Peterburg aka Saint Petersburg, Russia."


More information found, if you view the source of the page under the title tags is another message.

* <--
Th!s S!T3 hä¢KeD ߥ [email protected]
M3M0RY [email protected] C0nfirm3d
[email protected] [email protected]@ c3r7ifi3d
Unix [email protected]@ f0ld3R Sc-hack/2009
V0r0n v2.1.f

Visting the link will display a text file of the Russian logo.


Update 2:

Just got an email from Ubisoft on this matter, heres what they had to say.

'We are receiving reports that some users visiting the website are finding themselves redirected to an unknown location. We are trying our best to resolve the situation, and will update as soon as possible. "

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Alan Wake3251d ago

Gaystation fans dreaming for this game comes out for crapstation 3

im sorry Only on Microsoft

tdrules3251d ago

yeah they posted a tweet about it.

NeptuneOO73251d ago

If anything you fail. The viral caught you enough for you to care and write here. Nice try though trying to downplay the teaser though.

tdrules3251d ago

i care about the game and I follow Ubisoft on Twitter, that is what brought me here.
i hope you can learn to use teh reply button soon young grasshopper

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