Red Dead Redemption Trailer

Lewis from TheSixthAxis finds a way to view next week's Red Dead Redemption trailer. Then it gets removed so he found another...


Video has been removed

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damnightmare3251d ago

No videos lol

Anybody happen to get a glimpse before they were removed?

Horny3251d ago

No I wish, cant wait for this game, loved the first one.

NecrumSlavery3251d ago

Wow this trailer looks even better than the first one from E3!

This may be the best Rockstar game ever made. The visuals, the environments, the dialog is fantastic. It's great to see a game take the best aspects of GTA and improve them without rehashing the same thing over. The first RD game was decent. This open wild west look awesome. Looks to have tons of missions with mexicans and native americans as well. I heard the Wanted system was like have WANTED REWARD signs posted, where the worse you are, the bigger the bounty and the more your ass is in trouble. I am really anticipating this. This may be the game I get after GOW3.

AznSniper3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )


HD Download Version

Trailer is gorgeous. Presentation is top-notch.

lordkemp0073251d ago

Many thanks to the folks above for posting links to the trailer.

This game looks to be shaping up really well, it looks reminiscent of Clints Eastwoods finest spaghetti western moments.

Bring on April 27th you rootin tootin son of a guns.

Eamon3251d ago

APRIL 27th 2010!!! Can't wait!!

Eamon3250d ago

Why did someone disagree with me?

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The story is too old to be commented.