Full Amazon Pre-Black Friday Game Deals List

"Retailers are really going crazy this year and kicking off deals one day ahead of the typical Black Friday mayhem!

Amazon has kicked off some of their Black Friday Video game deals early and we have the full list for you!

Here is a full list of the Amazon Thanksgiving Video Game deals by system:"

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The Matrix3341d ago

Amazon has better deals than anyone on black friday...they're just hard to find. No where on the site does it neatly display all the deals and sometimes all they give are cryptic clues...kind of annoying.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3341d ago

It's VERY annoying.

Sitting around hour after hour waiting for deals is not realistic (or fun) for most people, either.

asdr3wsfas3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Check the link in the top right corner of the page that says black friday deals.

Beats getting in a packed line at 3am. I got a DS lite for 98 dollars earlier without leaving the house, same as the walmart doorbuster. With the 10 dollar credit I earned from mario it was 88 shipped free with 2 day amazon prime trial. Also note they tell you when the deal starts. You check once daily then come back later.

The clues aren't that bad, for the DS it was gaming on the go and I immediately knew what it was (they seem to mimic black friday deals from other retailers). For uncharted it was everyone's favorite adventurer. There was one hint about getting ready for the olympics - yeah, mario and sonic.

Later today we have:

"If you can think it, you can write it in this DS puzzler"

So i get scribblenauts. Then there's

"The latest installment of this legendary fighting series." listed twice, hence sf4 later today for xbox and ps3. Or "Guess the price without going over" later today for the Price is Right. Also upcoming is "Learn to cook on your Nintendo DS" for cooking mama or something similar. If you have any familarity with the game you know immediately what it is. Most are the same deals as other retailers too. The hardest I can see is "You don't want to play on the PS3 without one of these" coming soon, I imagine it's a dualshock for 40 or slightly under to mimic the same deal at the other outlets.

Look at "Liberty City is home" - obviously GTA, coming later today. Or "Be an Assassin!" AC 1 or 2. It's honestly better than sitting outside walmart right now.

They had the DSi package for most of this week with the loaded brain age/mario software for 155 shipped free, these beat store black friday prices. I'm waiting for the DS XL for a dsi model tho...the lite is just to handle some mario and scribblenauts.

JoySticksFTW3340d ago

which was perfect for me...

I refused to get that game at full price because of the expensive DLC at launch (f' that). But it's worth it at half price

Now I feel like I can get the full game experience including the DLC without getting price [email protected] :D

Anorexorcist3341d ago

The only titles worth going for are Tekken 6, Soul Calibur IV, and probably Midnight Club.

asdr3wsfas3340d ago

You missed killzone 2, scribblenauts, sf4, dragon age origins, Left for Dead 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Metal Gear Solid 4, the original uncharted for 15 dollars, and others. I don't like some of those games but honestly those are great deals.

STONEY43341d ago

I still don't see Assassin's Creed 2... seriously I'm seeing almost every game on sale tomorrow except for AC2.

asdr3wsfas3340d ago

They clear out old stock on black friday. AC1 is probably on sale later today, the hint is "Be an assassin!" Makes sense since AC1 is kinda obsolete now with AC2...anyone who would buy the original is passing unless it's dirt cheap.

ikkokucrisis3340d ago

...And at 5:30AM PST (less than 3 hrs) 2 games will unlock that says "Be an Assassin"

Hmmm, What could it be??!!

singhjeet293341d ago

That list fails, seeing as how I just got Dragon Age Origins, NHL 10 and Fifa 10 for 34.99, plus had the opportunity for Brutal Legend, NBA 10 and Madden 10 at the same price.

And I also got AC2 for 49.99 the other day.

Amazon has been having sales all week:

Voozi3341d ago

Tempted to jump on Muramasa Demon Blade for $35

asdr3wsfas3340d ago

Totally worth it, I love this game. 30 hours to full completion with both characters. Then there's a 1 hit death mode I didn't even try. Amazing amazing game.

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