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thetamer3249d ago

You gotta love this game, and it's persistence to exist.

Medievaldragon3249d ago

Another expansion? Gee, this MMO never gives up does it?

Fyzzu3248d ago

Why would it need to? They're making plenty of money out of it, it's managed to carve out a niche that doesn't directly compete with pretty much anything else out there, and they've made one of the most fascinating player-run games imaginable.

I hate *playing* the game, but I love reading about it.

DethWish3248d ago

The expansions are completely free and are just there to give new goodies to the existing players while trying to hype in some new ones.

Just awesome imo :)

Leord3248d ago

I haven't tried it myself, but I also love reading about it. It's a little bit too hardcore for me, but as a social experiment etc it's fascinating. Even more so than Second Life!

Maticus3248d ago

I haven't played EVE for a long time, but this video makes me want to re-install it.

plexdk3248d ago

I wish you could have a more "free" feeling, and include some NPC's.. like in the old Elite, and be able to land on planets...

3246d ago