Star Trek sets a new sales record on Blu Ray reports : "In the week ended November 22, 'Star Trek' was the top-selling title on Blu-ray, according to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert, which also puts the Blu-ray market share for this title at 38%, breaking the new-release record held by 'Watchmen'. The research department of Home Media Magazine estimates that total BD sales for this title in North America were 1.1 million units (including sales to the rental market). "

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iron_sheik3248d ago

soon it will be 50% and over for new titles
seems like Blu ray is killing off DVD faster than expected
and we had people who doubted Blu ray's success?
how things have changed with BD as well as PS3 :)

gaffyh3248d ago

I loved the Star Trek movie, and I am not a fan of Star Trek (but I am a fan of Sci-Fi stuff in general e.g. Stargate, Star Wars etc). I actually went with a friend to the cinema who hates everything Sci-Fi, and he LOVED this movie.

He actually said that it made him want to watch the TV series, so he started watching it, and realised it was a pile of crap and that the movie is a million times better than the series lol.

Timesplitter143248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Well you can't blame people who doubted blu-ray.

After Betamax, they DID have reasons to doubt, and there was also the fact that DVD had just recently become standard.

I hate it when people take a GUESS and then say "I told you so!" when their guess turned out to be true. There is just no way to know so any guess is as good (or worthless) as the other.

sikbeta3248d ago

Actually, Betamax died because SONY wanted to be an exclusive media, so others companies jump to VHS and made it an standard, this time is totally different, SONY is making the BLU-RAY an standard and share to other companies in exchange for royalties

SuperM3248d ago

You make it sound like there are no predictions better then other predictions, and that no matter what you think its just as likely or unlikely to occur as whatever someone else thinks. That is ofcourse total bullsh1t.

You see some people just take random guesses based upon nothing but their own wishes or whatever. And for them it will just be about luck wether they hit the mark or not. Then you have the people who think what is likely to happen and make their assumption out of that. Someone is better then others at doing that, someone outright suck and will always be wrong and someone hit the mark almost every time.

Back when the HD-DVD and Bluray were still competing it was legitimate to ask question wether or not bluray would be successfull or not, but after HD-DVD got out of the fight it was pretty obvious for anyone who had experienced bluray movies, that it would be a success.

HD content is here to stay, and bluray really doesnt have competition in this area. in 5-10 years maybe Digital distribution will start taking over, but even then you will likely see people chosing the physical copy over the download version, either because they prefer to have a physical copy, maybe it has higher quality. (downloads would have to be about 25gb in size if they are to have the same quality as bluray) or maybe they dont have a good enough internet connection for such big downloads.

Sorry for long post, it just kinda happened.

Timesplitter143248d ago

But the problem is that the best product doesn't ALWAYS win. There's a huge luck factor

raztad3248d ago

luck? not at all. What made BD successful was the PS3. I can say, I saw the BD victory coming. PS3/BD success or failure were tied together. Thats the reason of so many "The BluRay is teh doomz" articles, they were making their bets for the PS3 doom as well.

TruthBTold3248d ago

Sony had a lot of studios supporting the content exclusive to Bluray which gave them an edge on movie selection. With the PS3 supporting it even more people would not pass up the opportunity to try these new HD movies. I for one could not go back to DVD after watching some Pixar movies in 1080P. It is beautiful. Now I hope the prices for Bluray start dropping more so I can get my hands on some more BDS.

JoySticksFTW3247d ago

I just got my free PS3 streaming disk from Netflix, and the streamed HD content doesn't even come close (the HD choices suck at the moment too)

Treat your HDtv to Blu-ray. It'll love you for it :)

housegroove763247d ago

beta was a failure on the consumer side of things, on the broadcasting side its a different story. Im a broadcaster in the Air Force and we still use beta tapes. When we get requests from civilian news outlets asking for our footage, they almost always ask for it on Beta (beta sp) Its starting to change now with them asking for DVC Pro and some other formats, but I dont think we will be getting rid of our Beta decks anytime soon.

TotalPS3Fanboy3247d ago

Wait. I mean, HD-DVD was doomed.

calis3247d ago

"I loved the Star Trek movie, and I am not a fan of Star Trek (but I am a fan of Sci-Fi stuff in general e.g. Stargate, Star Wars etc)."

I had never seen a Star Trek movie/show ever, and I am a fan of Sci Fi as well, but I bought the movie on Blu-Ray and really enjoyed it.

Kassanova073247d ago

I was really surprised how good this film was. Never doubted Blu Ray inevitably taking the market over. Developers should utilize it more ala Batman AA.

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Lucreto3248d ago

The movie looked superb on blu-ray. For a fan it is a must have.

iron_sheik3248d ago

crisp picture quality.cant just get better than that.
Now where are those doom and gloom BD articles

morganfell3248d ago

The movie looks great but I wouldn't say it is a must have when many die hard fans view it as a bastardization of the canon.

DaTruth3248d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

It practically hurts my eyes to watch DVD on a big screen now and upconversion is no help!

@Morgan: I kind of like the twist. It leaves him(JJAbbrams) open for his own creative design and not locked in to the future that was already written. Almost like a new Star Trek series with similar characters. But I wasn't a big fan of the original, so I can't really see it their way! I did watch every other Star Trek though and the movies.

Ju3247d ago

That whole movie is just a setup for a new show yet to come. I am sure about it. New re-launch with up to date tech and fresh young cast - and the freedom of an "alternate reality".

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RedDragan3248d ago

who cares about the North American sales?

Worldwide sales would have been a better topic considering BD Player Sales in Europe are much higher than in the US and Asia combined.

I will agree that it is good news that it is doing well in America, but America has been fairly resistive to BD thus far.

RedDragan3248d ago

why the disagree from someone?

Worldwide sales will be more impressive and a better talking point. This world is not just America you know.

redsquad3248d ago

Well, I hated the film itself but do admit that STAR TREK is a showcase title for the format.

Dutch Boogie3248d ago

Transformers 1 and 2 where the showcase for the blu ray format. Avatar will join them soon.

blackpanther253248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

You can say the movie sucks but visually on Blu-ray that movie is insane and thats the reason I bought to show off my PS3 to my friends.

EDIT: @below

Yeah i bought as well. It really does look good and the sound quality is off the charts

RedDragan3248d ago

WALL-E looks awesome as well.

Clarity is out of this world!

Antan3248d ago

Aside from Wall-E, i think the absolute pinacle of visual clarity is withoubt doubt Benjamin Button! Staggering.

DaTruth3248d ago

I really can't believe the difference in Pixar animated films! I thought it wouldn't matter, but the quality is still far better.

I have a DL version of Wall-E that looks Bluray quality too. 8 gigs with surround sound and it turned out great!

Aquarius3247d ago

Die Hard 4.0?
FFVII: Advent Children Complete?

RedDragan3247d ago

I guess there are many showcase title's now, just watced Moon.... oh my god!!!!

Finally all the producers have got the transfer process nailed down!

I love Blu-Ray!

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nix3248d ago

oh.. Blu-ray.. what is this? i thought this format was dead long time back...

piramides303248d ago

You're wrong. Dvd is dying and Bluray is growing.


i know, i was expecting star trek to sell amazingly on hddvd, havent seen this one yet though i heard it was really good.

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