Sony's Blu-Ray cost cuts prompt talk of lower PS3 price tag

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Sony Corp said Monday it can now make Blu-ray video players more cheaply, sparking speculation the electronics company will cut prices of its PlayStation 3 video game console and other products that include the technology.

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DADO4575d ago

In my opinion this can only mean that a price cut is coming up before the end of the year.

TruthHurts4575d ago

bluray cost cuts would definitly drop the price of the ps3. and if you didn`t think production cost would drop eventually, you live in LALA land.

PS360PCROCKS4575d ago

Thank you Sony. This means we will have 2 in my house I made my roomie pay the huge price tag first. I'd rather pay less. I thought the 360 was ridiculous.

TruthHurts4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

i`ll get another.
i had a 360 (but we parted ways) and i need to fill it`s space (bedroom)

edit:how can anyone disagree i want another, or do i?
that`s pretty hateful.

PS360PCROCKS4574d ago

Lol yea I know I got a disagree because I said I want to buy my own PS3? so silly people

Stiffler2034575d ago

Keep dreaming they are not going to lower the price less than a year in. It would matter if Blu-Ray was half off they are not going to lower there price for another 1 or 2 years at least.

FadedDRFT4575d ago

They will give it a price cut, it may be selling well in Europe (people dont give a sh!t about the price here) The price cut will be for america, they always seem to moan on about the price of things, so give the chubby c*nts a cut, pardon my french.

stee1564575d ago

You know I never understood people like you. What do you have against America anyway that has your asshole gaping like someone stuffed a cannon in there. You claim all Americans are chubby cunts, does this mean you have never seen a chubby cunt from whatever hell hole you came from? By generalizing a whole nation on false facts you only make yourself look like a fool. By the way you might want to do something about that anal leakage of yours.

ben hates you4575d ago

it would not be in america, in europe the price is equal to $800,and in australia its equal to $1000, that is where i think the price cut would be

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The story is too old to be commented.