Shiren the Wanderer: a trailer on all-new website

Atlus U.S.A. has today launched the official website and video trailer for Shiren the Wanderer. The title is an upcoming game for Nintendo Wii, which longer the Shiren series. The video, featuring a mix of gorgeous CG cutscenes and in-game action, introduces fans to the game's mythology-laden, time-hopping tale, as narrated by your talking ferret companion Koppa.

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SpoonyRedMage3248d ago

Ahh Chunsoft... geniuses!

No EU date though!:(

Shnazzyone3248d ago

I've been really making a habit of pointing out how wii has more quality exclusives in 2010. Though I am seriously starting to get sick of adding new titles to my fanboy list. DAMMIT DEVELOPERS I ONLY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY!!! Maybe it's time to throw a bone to the other systems here. Remember that whole "wii doesn't have games" argument. Day by day that is getting proven to be quite the inaccurate statement. seriously... 2010 is looking to kick ass for the wii owner.

3246d ago