How to Use your own Hard Drive on a Xbox 360

Today you have 2 choices when you begin running out of room on your 20gb xbox 360 harddrive:
a. buy the new 120gb hard drive for an outrageous price ($180) provided by Microsoft
b. keep deleting stuff and replacing with other stuff.
But there is a solution without sacrificing your precious media or selling a leg to buy another hard drive from Microsoft. Hit the jump to read the amazingly easy way to attach your own usb harddrive to your 360.

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Lord Anubis4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

or be forced to buy windows media center if you don't already own one.

gta_cb4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

ok im not really into piracy etc etc, but my computer was brought new just over a year ago, it had Windows XP Home SP2 EVEN though windows media centre has been out a couple years (2005).

so i tried to download and install windows Media Centre, and i have got to say it is one of the most difficult things to do, and in the installation it asks for a file which isnt even located on the disk lol (looked on lots of forums all the same) so i downloaded Windows Vista to try out the Media Centre.

oh and you dont have to have your computer on which is an added bonus.

guess what it works really well, especially the whole stream from online etc etc, BUT the thing is to use this feature i have to have Windows Vista running, and most of my programs dont run on it (hopefully this will change) so i have to swap back to Windows XP Home.

so with this in mind and still to this day not a lot of PCs having Windows Media Centre installed when you buy it, this news is a must read if you are running out of storage.

P.S. now that the free trail has run out on Vista i have installed Linux and am trying to find out if that can stream data over, so if anyone knows then please do let me know =p

fjtorres4573d ago

It is common knowledge the 360 supports external drives since launch. What this "new" article fails to point out is the 360 won't write to the external drive; it treats it as a read-only drive.
Oh, and the drive needs to be formatted as FAT32. (Nothing uses FAT anymore, not even floppies.)

silent ninja4573d ago

can u recomend me the best harddrive to buy for my 360

Expy4573d ago

Yup, it's read-only. And due to that fact, it serves no other purpose than to play media transfered from a secondary source.

infusion4573d ago

actually most external hard drives for sale now a days still come in FAT format like the recommended Western Digital Passport Drive on the article, so really formatting isn't much of an issue.

You are right about how it won't write though, i find that very annoying

tatical4573d ago


Plenty of devices use the FAT file system

Floppies: FAT12
USB Flash drives: FAT32/FAT16 (unless you change it to NTFS, HFS, Ext, Ext2, Ext3, etc...)
Some external Hard drives: FAT32

fjtorres4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

FAT was pre-MSDOS 5 and doesn't support long file names, etc.
FAT32 is what it widely used today in flashcards and USB devices of all sorts. Different creatures.
ANY commercial USB external drive that you buy will be pre-formatted in FAT32 so anything will work on 360 that way.
And for those that are not aware, since this article seems to be news to some: the 360 *will* play music, photos, and video off data CDs and DVDs. Just burn your own and away you go.
No PC streaming needed.
It will also play off iPods and PMCs and DAPs of all kinds as long as they support USB mass-storage protocols (most) or MTP (the rest).
360 offers at least 5 ways to play digital media files.
Its not a standalong media center PC in its own right (yet) but it can substitute for one in a lot of applications.

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closedxxx4573d ago

I will try to find the "how to" but you basically have to render your oem Xbox360 hard drive useless (for xbox 360 use anyhow) and trick the console into thinking that the 120gb hard drive you'be installed in the microsoft enclosure is in fact a new authorized MS hard drive.

TheMART4572d ago

Problem is: you could get banned for this if MS is able to detect it!

You need an illegal rip of the 120 GB system file...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4573d ago

I already do this which is why I don't care for the 120gb. Infact I got the idea from a Microsoft forum LOL (from a Microsoft rep) They just don't advertise it.

infusion4573d ago

would you care to elaborate on this internal sort of thing, if what your saying is true, that would be amazing.


THWIP4572d ago

For those not smart enough to realize it, this is no different from networking with a Windows XP/Vista PC, which can be done FOR FREE, and OUT OF THE BOX. All this does, is allow you to save 360 HDD space, by using an external drive (or PC) to store non-gaming or non-Marketplace content, but still be able to view it through the 360 interface. If you already have an XP PC, you can do this FOR need to buy another HDD.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4572d ago

Exactly You can only store music and videos you download from gametrailers or somthing like that. You can't store Xbox Live marketplace items using this (not that I know of anyway) For Liv eor Marketplace you still need to downmload withhe hardrive made for the 360 otherwise it's just illegal (I think)

THWIP4572d ago

...just impossible. Game saves, Marketplace content, XBLA games, etc. can ONLY be saved to, and viewed from the proprietary 360 HDD. Why? This is how MS guards against piracy and sharing Achievements/game saves ; everything is tied into that singular HDD, and verified via LIVE.

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