Xbox 360 Software Sales Hit the 1 Million Mark in Australia and New Zealand

Microsoft have announced today via a press release that they have sold 1 million Xbox 360 software units in Australia and New Zealand since the system's launch in March last year.

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Odion4206d ago

see thats what i think the 360 has going for it, even though it may end up not winning the war, the fact that with only 12 million people on board they're already had more games sell over a million then in the entire lifespan of the Xbox.

Makes the system still a good place to bring your games as it always equals good sales

AngryTypingGuy4206d ago

Games are what truly defines a system. When it comes to pumping out great games, the 360 is the king of the mountain right now.

Antan4206d ago

Congratulations Microsoft, a very nice achievement indeed!! Gotta keep the ball rolling though!

xfrgtr4206d ago

the 360 been out for a year and a half, why shouldnt it not sell software faster than wii or ps3? duh.... its not like it was hard, it didnt have no next gen rival.

gta_cb4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

oooo guys, i think this story has hurt Fx35's feelings, dude they havnt stated anything about the PS3 or Nintendo Wii, there talking about the Xbox 360

marionz4206d ago

as a kiwi im glad to hear the 360 is selling well in NZ and Aus!

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