10 Reasons to Play Mass Effect Again This Thanksgiving

Mass Effect 2 is just around the corner. January! It's hard to believe after waiting so long for the sequel to the greatest "space opera" we've ever played. But what to do until then? Play Mass Effect over Thanksgiving, obviously! Honestly, Thanksgiving is four-and-a-half days off, and who wants to spend it with family? Yuck! Instead, here's ten reasons you should pop Mass Effect back into your 360/PC in preparation for the sequel.

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Saaking3340d ago

Haven't played through the 360 version yet. I'll probably replay it a month before ME2 comes out.

The 13340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

How do even have time to play these games you supposedly have? It doesn't seem like you even eat or sleep looking at your BIO info(Is that Gamer tag really yours? A bother's or friend's perhaps?). ME2 is a epic adventure where will you find the time being on N4Gs so often?

Well Enjoy ME2 I Need to play ME1 one more time to get all the major choice paths ready for ME2.

hakis863340d ago

Me neither, the lag killed the fun for me. I really got into the game but kind of got stuck a few times - with laggy gameplay on top of that - and so I moved on to other games (360 version).

I doubt ME2 will be lag-free if it's the same engine - what do you guys think?

Perjoss3340d ago

@ The 1
mass effect is only about 30 hours long including all side quests and planet exploration, compared to most RPGs its quite short.

@ hakis86
what lag are you talking about? I've played both 360 and PC versions and i dont know what you mean, are you talking about the long elevator rides? they were kind of an advanced loading screen, while the game loaded up a new section they showed you the characters talking to eachother in the elevator instead of making you look at a 'please wait' screen.

mastiffchild3340d ago

Funnily enough I'm actually playing the 360 version through for the first time right about now anyway. Finished the PC(better) vversion way back when but want to get my character done for my save for ME2 so it's gots to be done. While I'm not enjoying the framerate drops and odd stutters and tears I'm still enjoying playing it a bit differently(by just being a wanker usually-and definitely not trying to copulate with anything non human or human-noone's good enough for me!)and it does make you happy knowiong you've not got long before the next episodes-but the DLC is possibly the biggest load of crap I ever played.


@ Perjoss

I think he is talking about the frame-rate issues.

And I have to say I agree with them there. I didn't even mind the elevators that much, but the 360 ( I don't know about the pc, but i would assume it didn't suffer as much ) did have issues.

it was so bad at first i actually thought it was a bad disc or something, and took the first copy i got back to the shop and got it swapped. no change, so i figured it was the game itself.

I can honestly say I have not played any other game with a campaign that had such bad frame rate. Thats just my experience. I think later there was an update which fixed it a bit.

The 13340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"ME2 is a epic adventure where will you find the time being on N4Gs so often?"

"How do even have time to play these games you supposedly have?"

Any game dude.. Get real. Even though we both were talking more of the lines of ME2 you manage to spin my comments and my point talking about ME1?

You couldn't see the gist of my comment? I don't think the length of ME1 was my point nor does that excuse saaking from spending all his time here on N4G mostly bashing the 360 seemingly not having enough time to play any games 2 hours long or 200 hours long lol.

hay3340d ago

I don't need 10 reasons. I'll stick with my one: It's awesome.

presto7173340d ago

The first mass effect sucked in my opinion. It was too boring to even make it half way through. I'm done with mass effect.

ThanatosDMC3340d ago

It was $5 recently on Steam. For those who can have everything on Very High settings. Play it on Steam.

zane5473340d ago

FFVII, VIII and IX to have time to replay another RPG, haha for some reason those games just dont get old when you replay them.

I do have Mass Effect completed, I think I'll be happy with the path I take to ME2 which I have pre-ordered, first Special Edition game I'll have ever bought too :)

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PirateThom3340d ago

I would love to play Mass Effect again, but I have too many other games to play at the moment (Borderlands and Assassin's Creed II, not exactly short games either).

The 13340d ago

Thank you for that, my family is stressful I needed that laugh.

On topic... This would be a perfect time for "real" ME fans to refresh on the story or build new story profiles to carry over to ME2 so you have different paths built up for ME2 or if you don't like your current path, for other play throughz. The game is only about a month a way.

grifter0243340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Since mass DID come out near Thanksgiving, I made it a tradition to play it on expect to see me FINALLY pass 100hr's....cant wait till I have to play me1,2 AND 3!

Goty franchise!

PS: I dont like some of his "Reasons," Pinnacle station S-U-C-K-E-D! It's only 5$ but it isnt even worth that and add to that that the REAL me fans have already done most of his reasons and play on once you get into pinnacle expect to do the same thing over and over again (Read NO STORY, just shooting people) and in the beginning it's easy but soon once you are close to beating pinnacle expect to have yourself so mad that you want to break your poor me's that hard!

tplarkin73340d ago

Pinnacle Station is ho-hum, but you do get the apartment if you beat it. You then can buy the best gear in the apt.

shutupandplay3340d ago

Obviously, I own it. It sits on the top shelf of my BEASTLY 360 collection. I should really play it again before ME2.

PlayStation X3340d ago

lol must be a pretty small and dusty shelf =/

zoneofenders3340d ago

play through those stupid side quests again?
no thank you
i will just play other games instead and wait for ME2

Perjoss3340d ago

you dont have to do any side quests at all, thats why they are called side quests. They are even under a seperate tab in your mission log.

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