Achievements and Trophies – Good or Bad?

Love them or hate them, Xbox 360 achievements and more recently Playstation 3 trophies are very much a big part of our gaming lives in this generation. John from All Age Gaming takes a detailed look at the good and bad points of them in this article.

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seifer0853275d ago

but what I really like about trophies/achievements is the history of games I played and some quirky stuff I did in them.

Manac0R3274d ago

I think they add a dimension to a game, and a lot of us take them for granted. If you play a game that doesnt have any acievments or trophies it feels a little ...'flat'....

I reckon they are a great way of mapping your progress through a game.. just like anything dont get obssessed with them :)

time to go earn my GoW trophies... i mean go play an amzing game :)

dangert123274d ago

Achivements Are Just Showing You What You Have Achived
Trophies Where's My Prize I Don't Want A Virtuals Platinum Trophie
Why Don't The Call Its The Ps3 Check List
Score 5 Goals IN a single Game CHECK LOL