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VirtualGamer4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

My hat off to Sony for finally making some advertising that actually showcases the PSN and the PS3 that gamers can relate to instead of the bizarre stuff we have been seeing.

Lord Anubis4566d ago

there's some footage that I haven't seen before, also the game of the fishes has finally come to light after only been revealed at E305.

kewlkat0074566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Now thats what I like to see. brought a smile upon my face, kinda remenicent of the old-school commercial days, where you actually saw what a console had to offer, and made your decisions on that, as well as moms, grams and other family members that have the doe.

Reminds me of old-school Genesis/Snes commercials.

Enough of that Rubber duck, dolls crying and all that other BS. Give me, these type of Ads. The old-school type ads, where you see CONTENT, and not boild Eggs. Just from that video alone I seen some simple games I wanna try, unlike the other commercials, well I usually skip them. I'm sure i will have a lot to look forward to when I do purchase a Ps3, well for now you just are not there yet Sony.

Good video.

drtysouf214566d ago

It would be nice if they played that on television.

Violater4566d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I really hope they pick their marketing up. And extend to the people not yet on the internet.

consolecrusader4566d ago

think about how many people visit gametrailers per day.....

TruthHurts4566d ago

get one an you can watch it.
and yes, i hope this comes out on TV.

RedSeven4566d ago

What was that game about with the wind looking thing? Something like "Blue Sky" for relaxing games? Whatever it is looks cool. Looks like a bird flying around a virtual world.

TruthHurts4566d ago

that the flying game and fish game are interactive screensavers that go w/ the eyetoy2.

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The story is too old to be commented.