iTWire - Review: Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve's worst game

iTWire writes "Responsible for Half-Life and its sequel as well as the extremely popular Team Fortress 2 and original Left 4 Dead, but the release of Left 4 Dead 2 has raised eyebrows as well as the ire of the Australian Classification Board. Said classification board has knobbled the game so much that one wonders what the point of this release is."

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iron_sheik3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

However it is not that much of an improvement over the previous iteration. The co-op is fun and has replaybility despite the lackluster sp mode.

they complained about the content too. please read the review again

Pandamobile3247d ago

They're complaining about the censorship, and it's not like that's really Valve's fault.

mynd3246d ago

I really do wish people would read the article not the headlines, this is about the AUSTRALIAN verison.
So all you PS3 people who want to put a boot into the game, I suggest you dont, you will look silly.

JD_Shadow3246d ago

Or maybe they have an opinion on the game like you or I might.

Why does everyone that criticizes anything Valve HAVE to be a "bitter PS3 fanboy" to people like you?

ndibu3246d ago

Silly me, thought it was a PS3 exclusive...aah he'll be just fine. Most X360 players are too busy buying and playing games to go off defending them and threatening reviewers. Lol you guys make me laugh

solar3246d ago

the game is a blast with friends. 9/10.

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Ninji3247d ago

I figured the game would be terrible but this one looks like it's worse than the 1st one (which is to be expected as lazy developers don't try to change much).

AliTheBrit193246d ago

It's not terrible at all

You have probably never even played it and it holds a 89% on Metacritic

Like it or not this game is AAA and has 26 Reviews of 9/10 and above

Fantastic shooter

Stop crying ninji

user8586213246d ago

Its pointless mindless shooting, thats abouts it, no strategy even wen with friends all you'll be saying is "ohh sh!t they attacking me"

Digitaldude3246d ago

Personal opinion, L4D 1 or 2 isn't valves best work.

chak_3246d ago

yeah, just work on hl3 already :)

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The story is too old to be commented.