Condemned 2 Q&A : Bums beware, Monolith is bringing the terror back.

SEGA wants to scare the civilized out of you. As revealed last month , the popular Japanese publisher has teamed up with Monolith Productions for a second time to bring Condemned 2: Bloodshot to the masses next spring. A darker, more brutal extension of the Xbox 360 launch hit, Condemned 2 follows protagonist Ethan Thomas as he deals with the bloody aftermath of Criminal Origins and how he picks up the pieces.

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PS360PCROCKS4576d ago

Monolith truly rocks at scary games. This and F.E.A.R are some of the two scariest games I have played, other than Resident Evil.

Dr Pepper4576d ago

I thought Condemned was one of the scariest games I've ever played (the level with the house out in the middle of nowhere...and in the basement? freaky stuff...)but FEAR was one of the worst. I didn't think it was scary at all (every "scary" part was scripted and the levels had, quite possibly, the worst design ever). When I compare the two, Condemned wins by a huge amount. Sorry, but for some reason I don't see why people like FEAR.

PS360PCROCKS4576d ago

wow you dont like fear? Dang I thought it was creepy and fun. The guns are awesome and the A.I. is still some of the best I have ever seen. Plus it's almost three years old now...their making a second one, just wait to see how awesome that one is...but yes condemned creeped the hell out of me...I wanted to stop playing half the time.

Dr Pepper4576d ago

While I didn't enjoy it, I will agree that it had spectacular AI. It makes me wonder why more recent games have such bad ones...But yeah, when the second one comes out (I hear it's a different name now, not FEAR) I will play it, seeing as how I finished the last one I might as well play the next.

PS360PCROCKS4576d ago

yea might as well give it a chance. Monolith are some very good developers.


i take u never played silent hill? they made me jump.

looking towards alone in the dark as well.

This is ok.
Bit of a CSI to me tho

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Ru4576d ago

With the greats of Horror Games!
It kinda reminded me of Silent Hill 4 The Room which was another fantasticly Freaky game!

Rhezin4576d ago

hope it's 360 exclusive

Dr Pepper4576d ago

It's multi-platform (360 and PS3)

Ru4576d ago

Why would you hope Its Exclusive?
I just Dont get it?

Daxx4576d ago

I never bought the first Condemned but I played it a friend's house a couple of times and I had blast, couldn't sleep either lol. Can't wait to see what this one is like.

Ru4576d ago

I almost closed out not noticing that there was more!

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