Assassin's Creed 3: When & Where To Next? Part 1


"Here is Part 1 of my list of possible time periods and settings that I've come up with after pondering the possibilities through the filter of my past education in history.

With Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 achieving great first-week sales of 1.6 million units worldwide, a 32 percent increase on the original medieval action stealth title, which sold around 1.1 million copies the first week in 2007, I've decided to jump the gun a bit and explore where and when the inevitable third Assassin's Creed game could take place."

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BadCircuit3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Of those first 4, I'd say the French Revolution and the Conquistador New World could be good.

WW2? Are Ubisoft really looking at that?

Montrealien3274d ago

I know one thing for sure, this game will end in modern times in montreal! lol

but french revolution is a give in imho.

Mista T3274d ago

I think the series will end with being an assassin in modern times and trying to kill the one who started the "bad" company called like abstergo or something like that

but anyway the next will be set starting probably in the early 1560s with Nostradamus and ending in the late 1580s with Galileo Galilei

Saaking3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

The final game will be when he has become a full assassin and doesn't need the animagus (lol, is that what it's called?) to send him back to his ancestors (if that makes sense?- haven't played AC2)

ThanatosDMC3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I'm thinking WW2 or Cold War since they really need to modernize how the ultimate assassin will need to adapt for his time. Guns vs blades wont really work. He'll definitely needs gun training.

Btw, did anybody else notice that outside the warehouse if you look through the windows, it looked like you were seeing the Venice rooftops? Weird.

Also, why in the world did they not use tazer or tranq guns? Riot sticks was just asking to get your throat sliced open.

The 13273d ago

China or some other well know Asian Country with well known warriors and Assassins.

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XboxOZ3603274d ago

I think they (Ubi) have thrown the WW2 and Hitler thing in there as a red herring to get ppl discussing the game early, create topical discussion etc.

Then go a complete 180 and have it in another era completely. This is common practice for many PR companies that work for Developers, and Ubi have an excellent way of leading gamers astray, and creating viral marketing for their games.

SO right now, anything is possible, but they have already started on the game (AC3) so it's anyone guess.

But this writer did accurately predict the current location and time period for Assassin's Creed 2 back in 2008 . . . so he's probably closer than you and I to getting an idea of where it could appear.

gaminoz3274d ago

That could be true, because it's a dumb idea.

Acidicpack3274d ago

For all of you that have played AC2 and solved the glyph puzzles. You should remember where in one of the case files its state some of the conspiracy surrounding 2nd world war. And how the game hints as Hitler being one of the Templar's and that the war was ended with his assassination by an Assassin. Just something to think about lol

Godem3274d ago

lol not another WW2 game!!!

lets hope its its set around the 1700 - 1800's I reckon would be the sweet spot

gaminoz3274d ago

I personally hope they don't decide to go chronological and go back and forward in time as they wish.

jack_burt0n3274d ago

you only have to wait a week for the ww2 AC its called the saboteur.

They need to take AC to japan.

gaminoz3274d ago

Templars and Assassins in Japan??? No Makes no sense. The New World makes more sense.

We've got lots of ninja and samurai games over the years; so it's like WW2: please leave it alone for AC.

Solans Scott3274d ago

I was thinking the same thing

Arsenic133274d ago

Based on the ending of 2 I would think it would be solely Desmond. He knows what he must do, received the message, and has the skills. It doesn't seem necessary for it to go back to the past again.

xxDUNE3274d ago

That's exactly what I've been thinking the sequel could be like.

I don't know if they would just get rid of the the Animus portion of the game though since that provides such a huge part of the game design (I'm talking menus and user interface stuff).

I'm sure you'll be playing as Desmond for some part of the game, defeating the modern-day Templars.

Acidicpack3274d ago

I'm sure that you will play as Desmond at some point in the third AC3. But Desmond only knows there are X amount of X's and what country the X's are in. He has now clue where the X's are located within that country or landmass. As in AC2 you must play through the life of an ancestor to find the location of X

(X= spoiler and for good reasons I will not reveal what X stands for lol)

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