2.0 Disney's A Christmas Carol Review "So, what sort of redeeming quality is there in A Christmas Carol? Well, there really isn't any. On a side note of the game being only roughly one hour of boredom, there were also multiple crashes that caused a forced restart of the game. In reality there is probably much more enjoyment to be had in the film, and its runtime is 96 minutes - a whole 30 minutes longer than the game itself. Even taking age groups into consideration, there isn't anything but the exception of the story for kids to learn if they haven't already heard of the novel. Besides, if this game is more of a teaching tool, then it isn't exactly much of a game, or a very good teacher."

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Kyll3249d ago

The game that should have stayed a movie that should have stayed a book that really is EXTREMELY overrated.

mephman3249d ago

Another classic video game based off an IP from another medium.

Myze3249d ago

@1 A Christmas Carol isn't really overrated, it's just been so overused, it's easy to be annoyed by it. It's probably the most re-adapted English written story ever written, and that's for a reason. I do agree that many of the movie/tv adaptions suck, and obviously the game sucks (although I could have told you that before it was even announced), but the old Christmas Carol movie was good, as was Mickey's Christmas Carol and Scrooged. ;)