Developer comments on PSN game sharing

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games gives his opinion on game sharing.

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samoon3249d ago

I wonder how Dylan will feel once someone tells him it was only a typo....

I don't blame him though, I think Gamesharing causes game developers to lose $ especially ones that make really good PSN games like Q-Games.

Trebius3249d ago

Then I feel bad for you...

But gamesharing will just get you banned from the network, not worth it...

Darkfocus3249d ago

game sharing won't get you banned and have you honestly never lent one of your friends a game physically or otherwise? cause that's the same thing.

rdgneoz33249d ago

If developers over charge for their games or game addons, or even charge for things that were on the disk and should have been unlocked / free in the first place, then they have no right to complain about people sharing.

Though for developers that make great quality games and don't overcharge for them, they deserve the money.

And to 1.1, game sharing does not get you banned if you share with friends. If you go posting on forums looking for people to trade games with or share your info in posts, then of course you'll get banned like an idiot.

ThanatosDMC3249d ago

Just make sure you deactivate your account first from the other PS3s if you dont want them there anymore.

Account Management > Activate Account > Game/Video > Deactivate

Easy. You get your activation "ticket" back.

Trebius3249d ago

What I was thinking it meant was letting someone log onto your PSN account from their Ps3 so they can download your downloaded games.

I lend ppl games all the time...sorry for the misunderstanding...lot of upset ppl disagreed with me -_- lol

GrandTheftZamboni3249d ago

It may look like game developers are losing money when people share, but as Darkfocus said, it's not different than lending your physical copy. On the positive side for developers, you cannot sell your PSN copy.

DaTruth3248d ago

Actually you are spot on! But the principal behind game sharing is like, being able to play on another PS3 in your house, lending to a friend or being able to play your game at a friend's house like you can do with a physical disk copy.

Not being able to do any of these things would be a reason to not buy the a digital game and most of them only come in this format. So developers and publishers will have lost a sale, thus better to allow 5 game shares!

SuperStrokey11233248d ago

I was fine with the change to 3 but my issue is with teh 24 hour thing. I have 2 PS3's in my house in two different rooms, one is in my man cave and the other is in my living room. If i want to play a game on one for a bit, and then say some buddies come over and we go to the larger room and we want to play the same games thats no longer allowed? Thats Funking stupid.

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sbstncstllo3249d ago

But he is right though, 3 is plenty! unless you are having a lot of hardware failures... which most likely isn't the case.

SuperStrokey11233248d ago

I agree, he even stated that you can ask sony to reset it and they will. I dont see that being an issue for most people. I dont know anyone that had 3 ps3's fail on them, but im sure there some.

-Alpha3249d ago

I really do appreciate it but it sucks that devs can get screwed by potential sales.

However, I am loving it :)

This is something MS should have done seeing as they get a ton of money from LIVE. it would have been a nice gesture, but it's ironically Sony that is doing it when they are the ones that can really use some profits this gen;

keysy4203249d ago

its why i buy games on the ps3 but 24 hours is dumb do i have to download on all my system simotaneously thats jacked up i hope i can redownload on any system i like

Mista T3249d ago

these games cost next to nothing and people still want them for free, unbelievable

just buy a 20$ PSN card and you can get 2, 3, or 4 games with it!!!

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