Game Revolution: Assassin's Creed II Review

What could be more romantic than Romeo and Juliet? Plenty of things actually, because what most people forget is that outside of a few moonlit balcony scenes, that tragic story mostly revolves around gangs of teenage street thugs stabbing each other in the streets of renaissance Italy.

Meanwhile, 100 miles to the south of our young star-cross'd lovers, in the city of Florence, young Ezio Auditore di Firenze is part of another brawling Italian street gang and, unknown to him, part of an ancient family of assassins. When most of his family is framed and executed as part of the political machinations of the time, Ezio's uncle Mario reveals all, and his quest for knowledge and revenge begins. He even has help from his own personal Q, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who provides Ezio with all kinds of cool gadgets.

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