Next Star Wars Game To be Announced at VGA

According to Geoff Keighley, host of Spike TV's GTTV, the next Star wars game will be announced at the VGAs on December 12th on Spike

A teaser has also been provided

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Madusha3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Hope it's on the Wii :D Star wars is the bomb on the Wii.

EDIT: The teaser looks pretty sweet, hope that's actual gameplay being shown. The graphics look good.

Battlefield3246d ago

The wii adds a little value to the games but I really haven't enjoyed a single star wars game I've played so far. The gameplay is too budget, it's really boring.

tdrules3246d ago

you have never played KOTOR or Battlefront, take your fail with you.

Darkfocus3246d ago

and that's defiantly not wii gameplay(its also not good enough to be CGI so it is gameplay).

starcb263246d ago

please..please..please let it be battlefront 3............. PLEASE!!!

Madusha3246d ago


Yeah I meant I hope it's available on the wii. Most likely on PS3 and 360.

ThanatosDMC3246d ago

I hope it's Battlefront 3 like we saw on that leaked video with a bigger scope than Warhawk. I hope it's at least 64 players 32 on a map like that would be too small.

mugoldeneagle033246d ago

If any of that footage are scenes from Force Unleashed? I'm asking cause I haven't played it yet (about to pick up Sith edition)

But if it's BF3 I'll be so happy. Keeping my fingers crossed.

ThanatosDMC3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

No it's not from Forced Unleashed. Dont be fooled by how CGI looks unless it's KZ2. You'll be sadly disappointed.

Anyway, Forced Unleashed is actually fun. Just have patience with the camera, boss battles, platforming, and sometimes your jedi powers dont work the way you want them to.

DeadlyFire3246d ago

I would hope it would be a new Jedi Knight type of game. Unfortunately though its most likely Force Unleashed 2.

I would prefer new Jedi Knight, BattleFront 3, KOTOR 3, Republic Commando 2 though.

There will be a Battlefront 3 game at some point. There is no denying that. The others remain with a question mark. I hope Crytek announces new Battlefront game. That would be awesome. CryEngine 3(or 2.5) + Star Wars = amazing.

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KionicWarlord2223246d ago

Kotor 3 !

Wouldn't that be a megaton ?


NecrumSlavery3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Bioware stonewalled us from a new KOTOR with the MMO. Which is ok and all but I really loved KoToR's story.

Hope it's something new. I have been wanting a Star Wars game with flying. Miss the Rogue Squadron series. Maybe a mix. Oh or another Jedi Knight!
My top 3 star wars games are
KOTOR, JK2:Outcast, and Rogue Squadron

Nac3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

No no no, they very much implied that TOR has the content of a KotOR 3-12, not that it replaces KotOR 3.

kaveti66163246d ago

I don't want to play a Kotor MMO. That's lame. The graphics are dull, the missions are styled after the usual MMO experience missions, etc. A true Kotor 3 RPG is what I'm craving.

morganfell3246d ago

I wouldn't bet on KOTOR. Likely George Lucas needs to buy his daughter a boat and has to cash in for some quick green.

Lucas: "You mean the main Jedi is actually a giant cucumber? What the hell, sounds good just give me the money!"

KionicWarlord2223246d ago


I know we can only wish .

It would be big surprise though .

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farhsa20083246d ago

hope its on ps3 and they make full use of blu ray and power of ps3...if you only knew the power of the dark side!

kaveti66163246d ago

As if, man. Do you think the publishers really give a crap about making full use of any console's power? They care about the sales potential, and cutting off a large limb of the market isn't going to happen.

Panthers3246d ago

God that SW TOR Deceived trailer is so SICK. Cant wait to see what new game will be revealed.

DarkBlood3246d ago

I will show them teh power of the darkside and force them to make kotor 3 and battlefront 3 at teh same time they will if they know whats good for them

on the other hand i seriously hope its one of those if not i'll try not to get too disapointed but im more excited for a kotor 3 since i enjoyed the story of 1 and 2

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