GameStop discounts new PS3 and 360 games by 10%

For a limited time, GameStop will discount all new PS3 and Xbox 360 games that are in-stock by 10%.

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kaveti66163301d ago

My friend went to Gamestop to sell them his copy of NBA Live 2009. They said they would take it for like 80 cents. I looked around and saw them selling used copies of NBA Live 2009 for 37 bucks.

Saaking3301d ago

Selling or "trading" in games at gamestop is amongst the stupidest things anyone could possibly do.

Megaton3301d ago

...and that's why I have never stepped foot into a GameStop before. Will never support a company guilty of consumer abuse at such an extreme level.

Darkstorn3301d ago

Just trade in to Amazon. They gave me $10.00 for Assassins Creed and $9.00 more for Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And I traded them in like last week.
(Interestingly enough, Battlefront II on the original Xbox fetches $15 for trade-in. Interesting...)

cyberwaffles3301d ago

yeah, i bought warhawk for 20 dollars at gamestop one time and i was curious to see how much i would get if i returned it and it was only 90 cents. i gave them a hearty "f*** this s***" and just kept the damn game.

go to craigslist or something else instead. you can sell, buy, and trade with people directly instead of going through a middle man like gamestop. i'm thinking about trading MW2 for something else as i'm sure i would only get 20 bucks at gamestop while they turn around and sell it for 55.

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DirtyLary3301d ago

Yup, used game sales are ruining gaming. Takes money away from devs and hikes the prices up for new releases. This practice needs to be banned.

Gobot3301d ago

i love going to gamestop and buying third party games used.
i only buy exclusives new! why pay 64 bucks when you can get a title for 5 to $6 cheaper.

Horny3301d ago

sell ur games at blockbuster, they give u almost the double amount if not more. I dont think u get less than 4 bucks for old sports games compared to 50 cents at gamestop. They bought my World at War for 25. Call of Juarez for that much as well.

Snoogins3301d ago

opened, display case with disc in a paper sleave, which was most likely passed around by the employees like the town prostitute. My 2nd Uncharted 2 disc and Oblivion GOTY were sold to me like that. This is why I shop Amazon.

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