1 vs 100 Season 2 Gameplay Season

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Season 2 for 1 vs 100 on Xbox LIVE is...well, Live. Now sporting a new look, dances, and achievements. Check out some new gameplay"


Three more videos in the article from the link below.

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Blaze9293252d ago

Nice. Been awhile since I got on this - looks like they completely re done it. I'll catch it tonight. Love the whole "TV Show" experience.

darthv723252d ago

i was playing it the other night and was surprised to see the changes up front but even more surprised when i started getting some achievements for quickest answer and winning streak and what not.

I like it. Still need to know how to submit a question for the show when it comes to user generated episodes.

Blaze9293252d ago

Yeah imma try to get 200/200

darthv723252d ago

They have added another sponsor instead of just sprint. Progressive insurance is now showing quick little ads between question segments.

Blaze9293252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Yeah the ones i remember so far are Sprint, Doritos, Axe i think, Progressive...and that might be all but I'm sure there were a few others.

I love the live shows becuase its so live lol. Got callers calling in in real time etc. I'm just waiting on someone to do something just stupid lmao.

The questions sure are as hard as ever though. I like the themed ones with topics I actually know about haha.

Just sucks I'll probably never be the 1 or win prizes. Maryland, the state I live in, is void for this game :(

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tokoshix3252d ago

Yea looks good. Perhaps I should get in on this.

JasonXE3252d ago

I like where Microsoft is going with this.

ProA0073252d ago

yeah such a nice revamp in such a short amount of time

Blaze9293252d ago

yeah not too bad at all

Coded-Dude3252d ago

I can't wait to play this!

AridSpider3252d ago

I got to see if this is out in Europe.

Blaze9293252d ago

Hmm...I dont think it is. If it is, some video gameplay would be nice. I'd like to see how its done for Europeans.