Zelda Needs a Difficulty Setting

If there's anything the longtime fan community can agree on (what a novel concept), it's that Zelda games have been getting easier on the whole. What used to be a series known for its length and hardcore difficulty is now widely regarded as--dare I say it--casual. Should we be afraid? Maybe. Is there a way to truly find a happy medium between novice and expert play?

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Xander-RKoS3249d ago

So now difficulty is the primary factor of "casual" or "hardcore"? Then Wii Sports Resort is one of the most hardcore games out there since after a while, you can't even beat the computer.

Joking aside. I don't think Zelda games really need a difficulty setting, since the game is mainly about solving puzzles rather than fighting bad guys. It would be hard to make harder puzzles on a harder difficulty without changing the game entirely.

I think Zelda games just need to be harder, and with the super guide now implemented and not as bad as everyone thought, I think Nintendo can make another hard Zelda game without isolating the casual audience.