Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Update Arrives Today

According to Robert Bowling, the modern warfare 2 playlist update will arrive today for all consoles.

He tweeted: "Playlist update coming today. Introducing Hardcore Ricochet: HQ Pro & adding more maps to the rotation of the Free-for-All playlist."

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Madusha3253d ago

More maps to to the rotation :S not actually new maps.

EMGN3253d ago

DLC coming in march 2010, hope that's got something awesome in it. You can't even call this thing an update.

Valay3253d ago

I guess this is good news.

Battlefield3253d ago

Nah, I was expecting more from IW

glennc3253d ago

even after you bought the game? i thought you would just expect nothing given the little amount of effort they put into the actual game

Madusha3253d ago

Pretty good news to see some quick updates.

ambientFLIER3253d ago

"i thought you would just expect nothing given the little amount of effort they put into the actual game"


Hatas gona hate!

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ScorpionX993253d ago

The game JUST came out. Not even a month old. Why are you expecting something big like more maps?

CaulkSlap3253d ago

More maps isn't something big. It's just sad how you console sheep have been tricked into thinking a few extra maps is a big deal and worth paying money for. Map packs are 1/6 the price of the game for 1/10000 the dev effort.

ambientFLIER3253d ago

They ARE expecting new maps...but then if those came out, they would all be crying that DLC was worked on before the game was even finished.

WaR_HaWk3253d ago

Im kind of sick of playing on the same sh1tty map like Quarry over and over again, every fackin time i try to play on highrise or terminal some sh1t like "Host migration failed" happens. Come on, fix this sh1t.

ambientFLIER3253d ago

Terminal, Favela, and Highrise are the best 3 maps in MP. Absolutely love them.

Deathmammoth3253d ago

I hope they add regular Team Tactical because in CoD 4 Team Tactical was my favorite because I loved the small teams with 2 of my best friends but they only have 3rd person Team Tactical in Mw2 and I am not a fan of the 3rd person view.

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