PS3 is Number One On Men's Wish List This Holiday Season

DualShockers writes:

"This story by no means is intended to stir up controversy but according to a recent survey on, the Playstation 3 is number one among men's video game wish lists this Holiday season. The site surveyed over 1,000 men in order to find out what their target purchase would be for this coming black friday and they all agreed that it was time to jump onto the Sony console..."

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pharmd3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

well duh

it only does EVERYTHING!

plus, seeing the tremendous support from the devs (thank you Naughty Dog and Guerrila Games) why would anyone opt for anything else for gaming!!!!

Vicodin3252d ago

"why would anyone opt for anything else for gaming"

No one but delusional Microsoft/Xbox fans ever thought gamers would.

140 million PS2 owners. The only thing standing in the way was the price to drop to something people could afford. The 360 failed just like the first Xbox and has ended up with the same almost entirely US and UK based fanbase.

* Graphics that utterly destroy anything on the Xbox 360. PS3 exclusives are so far beyond anything on the 360 that most people start crying that it's 'not fair' to compare PS3 exclusives to 360 games. Never has there been another console gen like this one where a console has so totally annihilated the competition in graphics like the PS3 has over the 360.

* Every single franchise that those 140 million PS2 owners bought their consoles for appearing on the PS3

* The addition of the amazing innovation of PSN titles

* An even more dominate Sony first party development lineup: 20 first party studios for Sony, 10 for Nintendo, only 3 for Microsoft

* Free online play for everyone just like on the PC

* Dedicated servers for lagfree online play just like on the PC

* Massive online game sizes thanks to the dedicated servers like 64 for Resistance 2 and 256 for the insane MAG online

* The amazing 9+ million user Home online world that is getting a flood of exclusive content and support from all the major publishers

* Cheap and easy off the shelf harddrive upgrades

* Glorious 1080p lossless audio Blu-Ray movies

* Virtually silent operation

* No giant external powerbrick

* Builin webbrowser

No one but the most delusional and foaming at the mouth Sony hater can possibly be surprised that the PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history. And that was before the drop to 299.

Anon19743252d ago

No linking to your PC required. Just plug in a usb drive and watch any DivX file you want. Or, for the hi-def freak, download mkv2vob and convert all your hi-def MKV files in no time to play on your PS3.

My PS3 is not only my primary game console but my main media player as well. Upscaling DVD's, Blu-ray, media files. It's changed the way I watch TV.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Oh how the tables have turned and the might have fallen!

I love my shiny black box :D

MEsoJD3252d ago

I remember the days being on N4g when I got the PS3 at launch. Man has

it changed since.

3252d ago
Mindboggle3252d ago

No offense to PS3 ( i own one)

But MAG sucks so hard. Just play the beta and youll see. Doesnt this game come out the same time as God of War 3 ?? If so it will tank hard, unless advertised like hell.

MeatAbstract3252d ago


Shame you didn't like it, I thought it was a blast. A 256 player game with no lag, get your squad working together and its so very, very fun.

I know people complained about the graphics but considering the gameplay and the amount of people involved in a single online game, you can see the sacrifice of graphics for the gameplay itself.

3252d ago
TheBand1t3252d ago


MAG is awesome but hardly the "Holy Grail of FPS".

3252d ago
TheBand1t3252d ago

Except...I didn't purchase MW2 because of Activision, and I only own a PS3, so I can't play Halo.

Currently I have both the MAG beta and BF:BC2 beta, and I like them both. But as I stated, you little twit, MAG is hardly the holy grail of FPS, though that will not stop me from purchasing it come January.

Sorry, get out of here with your fail.

pimpmaster3252d ago

OMGGG!!!!!!!!NASIM'S BACK!!!!!!!! its Vicodin

Sitdown3251d ago

1.)You are delusional if you think every single ps2 user will pick up a ps3. 2.)You do know that its possible that some of those given the survey perhaps already own a 360 right? So therefore it would make since for them not to vote for a 360...since they already own one. 3.)Anybody who knows anything, knows that you can make surveys say what you want them to say. I am not bashing the survey, and glad the ps3 is getting good news......but lets not go overboard and blindly except some random article.......just out of curiosity, had you even heard of that website before this article? 4.)What population was polled?

DaTruth3251d ago

And he actually has an extra bubble! Time to put an end to that!

sikbeta3251d ago

Men always know BEST

Well GUYS, is time to jump to PS3 CREW, we're expecting you and see ya in the UC2 Multiplayer and next year in the SVER-VALOR-RAVEN Factions of MAG

And Don't Forget:

·It only does everything·

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Tomarcus3252d ago

My PS3 has been wonderful so far, but I would have all 3 if I had the money. Good to see that people finally want the PS3.

Mista T3252d ago

#1 on "Men's" lists

probably because of awesome games in 1080p and blu-ray movies in 1080p for the man that has an awesome TV

infekt3252d ago

You hear that bots? Men, not little redneck boys.

iron_sheik3252d ago

i mean you have the best games and blu ray movies at 1080p
free online, wifi ...i mean it is all ps3 from here on

MetalGearRising3252d ago

Straight or Bent that's the Question.

jashwin3252d ago

stupid bot,soon you will have just one star and then you will have to make a new account

3252d ago
cereal_killa3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

MetalgearMuppet aka PP already has multiple accounts why do you think he still has the bubbles he has, it's certainly not because he's smart

PP we all know a PS3 is on your wish list and when you get a chance to sit on Santa's lap this coming weekend when your mommy brings you to the mall you be sure to tell him how much of a good Muppet troll you have been.

Speaking of multiple accounts its ItOnlyDoesYLOD joined 13 mins ago classic Muppet account you got there. I wonder who this one could be.

digger183252d ago

ItOnlyDoesYLOD, developers agree? It was only one sad ass developer who said this.

Now [email protected] off!

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JoelT3252d ago

all of the upcoming exclusives I thought this would be quite obvious. But the survey just reinforces what I originally thought anyway.

iiprotocolii3252d ago

Why wouldn't it be? It does everything a man wants besides... you know... the "other" necessities. It plays DVD/Blu-ray, it plays games, streaming, etc. all for $300. Who wouldn't want that?