Scene It? Twilight Wii Screens Ready For Teen Christmas Stockings

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes:

"Scene it? Twilight is the latest in the Twilight-banking escapades with a gameplan to hit Christmas stockings across America. Releasing this week (November 24th) for the Wii and Nintendo DS, Scene It? Twilight will test players on their memory of lines from the theatrical release, movie clips, and knowledge of the characters. There doesn't seem to be any relation to the novels."

Included is a gallery of screenshots.

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ihaten4glol3253d ago

Twilight: much better than baby games.

Snarkasaur3253d ago

Don't you mean, middle aged, unsatisfied married womens' stockings?

o snap

tigresa3253d ago

I bow my head in shame over my race of women when I heard things like a man calling in on the radio to cry about his girlfriend calling him Edward in the sack.