Master Chief Sucks at Halo

A very funny YouTube clip spoofing Master Chief and his experiences playing through the Halo 3 public beta.

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Robotz Rule4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

An absolute masterpiece!

Animagi4279d ago

That was great. I had tears in my eyes!

dachiefsman4279d ago

I too was laughing hard! Reminded me of some of the people I played with when I played Halo 2!

markfield4279d ago

but too much cussing.... it loses it's impact after the 50th f**k. It was obviously created by another moronic attention hungry teenage XBL potty mouth.... all it was missing was the usual racism.

Hayabusa 1174279d ago

Or, perhaps it was making fun of them...

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The story is too old to be commented.