The Crystal Bearers Import Impressions [RPGSite]

RPGSite goes hands on with the import version of the last notable RPG release of 2009, the first single player driven Final Fantasy game for Wii.

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SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

Awesome guys, can't wait for it but I'm still looking forward to the unique gameplay(using enemies as weapons mostly).

8 hours seems a quite bit lower than most other people have said but keeping in mind this an Action/Adventure title and not an RPG and it lacks grinding as well as other JRPG timesinks it seems worthwhile.

What about replayablity? The thing I love about the CC games is that although they're short(especially RoF and EoT) they're generally a consistent quality all the way through and make up for lack of length with great replayability!

AP3247d ago

I would say there's a lot of replayability. With how linear the plot is, I could see myself wanting to replay it again - it'd be almost like rewatching a movie if you rushed through it - and there's a ton of game modes - minigames if you will - that all have different controls from shooting to fishing and dancing and all sorts. Many optional.

SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

Awesome, that's exactly what I wanted. I'll have to get all the medals too.

I think calling them mini games may put some people off but it's more like Okami, Zelda and Disaster: Day of Crisis isn't it?

EvilTwin3247d ago

15 hours could be a bit iffy for me, but as long as there's a lot to do in the open world, I'll sink plenty more time in the game that way.