PS3, Xbox 360, Wii: Opportunities abound

The next round of game-platform redesigns may still be four to five years out, but chip and software designers in the areas of wireless, microeletromechanical systems, displays, miniature cameras, sensors, actuators and storage have an opportunity to be part of those multi-100-million shipments as platforms respond faster to user demands by converging on interactivity, connectivity and information display.

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FadedDRFT4567d ago

What the future will bring for gaming, all i can say is its going to be damn amazing.

RedSeven4567d ago

I would hope the new game consoles are future friendly considering how fast technology innovates these days. It seems like you hear about a new 'chip' of some sort every month now. To be honest, PC gaming seems to be the most future safe console choice. I could be wrong though, considering the PS2 is still selling like hot cakes. By the way, how are hot cakes selling these days anyway?

drtysouf214567d ago

DVD play back and a slim PS3 and 360 and i'll be set.